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  • Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia
    Tourism in Tunisia, 10 Reasons to Visit Tunisia. Tunisia has been an attractive destination for tourists since the early 1960s. Tunisia is among the countries that attract the most tourists in Africa. Every year Tunisia has about 6 million tourists. The most visiting countries to Tunisia are Libya, France, Algeria, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom […]
  • Top 10 Countries By Instagram Users
    According to 2017 data, we have mapped the countries with the most users of Instagram. There are 5 countries in Europe, 3 countries in America and 2 countries in Asia. Here are the Top 10 Countries by Instagram Users. Top Ten Instagram Users Map Instagram Users by Countries How many people use Instagram in […]
  • Provinces of Zambia
    Zambia, which is located in the south of the African continent, is divided into 10 administrative provinces. Although each province has limited powers, it has regional administrations. In 2011, some of the districts in the Northern and Eastern provinces were united to form the Muchinga region, thus increasing the number of provinces in the […]
  • LTE Coverage by Country
    LTE Coverage by Country. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the name given to high-speed wireless data transmission based on network technologies. Unlike connections like TE 2G or 3G, it is completely IP based. LTE Coverage in the World In the above map, you can see the countries where LTE technology is or not. While […]
  • Women Rights of Vote and Election in Europe
    The struggle for the right to vote, which started in the first half of the 1600s, gradually began to take place essentially in the 19th century. Let’s take a chronological look at women’s rights to choose and elect by the countries. 1900’s Finland (1906) In 1906, Finland became the first European country to grant […]
  • What is the Capital of Malawi?
    What is the Capital of Malawi? Lilongwe is the capital and second largest city of Malawi. Although Malawi is generally one of the poorest countries in the region, Lilongwe has developed economically, partly due to tourism. Where is Lilongwe? The city is geographically located in the middle of Malawi and in a region close […]
  • Regions of the Gambia
    The African country of Gambia consists of five regions and one capital city, the Greater Banjul district. The capital region is divided into two municipalities, the municipality of Banjul and the municipality of Kanifing. The regions which are formed by taking into consideration the administrative and geographical conditions are also divided into 35 districts. […]
  • Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe/OSCE Members Map
    In the early 1970s, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe was established with the intention of ending the division of Europe in cold war conditions, ensuring security and stability and developing cooperation between the participating states for this purpose. The mission of the organization was determined as a multilateral discussion and dialogue […]