2016-2017 European Football Champions

2016-2017 European Football Champions

Football is the most popular sport in the world. It is undeniable that it is the most played and watched sport in the world.

Football is sometimes a part of a chat, sometimes it feels good, sometimes it is a weekend escape. Let’s just say football is in all of us.

Let’s examine the championship of the most successful football teams in the world.

Here are Country Champions 2016-2017 season champions;

Austria – Red Bull Salzburg;

FC Red Bull SalzburgFC Red Bull Salzburg

Óscar García was the coach of the Red Bull Salzburg team during the 11th Bundesliga championship. The team has white and red colors and the only successes of Salzburg in Europe is the play in the final of the UEFA Cup in ’94. The Salzburg team was founded in 1933.

Belgium – Anderlecht;


Founded in 1908, Anderlecht has lived 33rd championship this season. The success of the purple-white team René Weiler has made in Europe; 1 UEFA Cup, 2 UEFA Super Cups, 2 UEFA Cup Cups.

Germany – Bayern München;


The 117-year-old Bayern München with white-red colors has reached the 26th championship under Carlo Ancelotti’s lead this season. Bayern München, considered the most successful team in Germany, has many successes in Europe. The UEFA Champions League champion has won the UEFA Cup 1 time, the UEFA Super Cup 1 time, and the UEFA Cup Galician Cup 1 time.

England – Chelsea;


The English team, founded in 1905, lived the 6th championship in the Chelsea Premier League. Antonio Conte is the coach of the team with the blue and white colors. English team has 1 champions league championship, 1 UEFA championship, 1 UEFA supercup in Europe. Chelsea also won 2 UEFA Cup Cups.

France – AS Monaco;

AS Monaco FCAS Monaco FC

AS Monaco with red and white colors was established in 1924. Technical director of the team is Leonardo Jardim. The French team have lived the 8th championship this season. There are 1 UEFA Champions League championship and 1 UEFA Cup Galician Cup in Europe.

Ireland – Dundalk F.C.;

Dundalk FCDundalk FC

Founded in 1903, the Dundalk team with red-black colors became the 2016-2017 season champion. Dundalk team coach Stephen Kenny made his 12th championship. The team does not have any success in Europe.

Netherlands – Feyenoord;


Feyenoord, who has red and white colors, has won the 15th championship in the league this season. The team’s technical director is Giovanni van Bronckhorst. Successes of Feyenoord in Europe are, 1 Champions League championship 2 UEFA Championships, 3 UEFA Intertoto Cups and 1 UEFA Super Cup. Feyenoord is 110 now.

Switzerland – Basel;

FC BaselFC Basel

Urs Fischer is the technical director of Basel with the blue-red colors established in 1893. Having lived 19th place in the league, Basel has not been successful in Europe.

 Luxembourg – F91 Dudelange;

F91 DudelangeF91 Dudelange

The 27-year-old young F91 Dudelange had the 9th championship in the leaugue. The team’s technical director is Michel Leflochmoan.

Belarus – BATE Borisov;

FC BATE BorisovFC BATE Borisov

BATE Borisov was founded in 1973 and succeeded in winning the Belarusian SSC league three times (1974, 1976 and 1979) before being dispersed in 1984. The club was rebuilt in 1996. Since then BATE has taken the League Cup to the 13th time. The team does not have a success in European cups.

Bulgaria – Ludogorets Razgrad;

Ludogorets RazgradLudogorets Razgrad

Ludogorets Razgrad was founded in 1945. The technical director of the team is Georgi Dermendzhiev. The team had the 5th League championship this season.

Czech Republic – Slavia Praha;

Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha

The Slavia Praha team, which reached the championship with only 2 points difference, was founded in 1892. Dušan Uhrin was the technical director of the team that had the eighth championship. The team does not have any success in Europe.

Hungary – Budapest Honvéd;

Budapest HonvedBudapest Honved

Budapest Honvéd FC reached the championship after 24 years. Living the 14th championship in the league was founded in 1909.

Moldova – Sheriff Tiraspol;

Sheriff TiraspolSheriff Tiraspol

The 21 years old Sheriff Tiraspol, won the 13th League Cup. The successful Yellow-Black team in Moldova does not have a success in the European Cups.

 Poland – Legia Warsaw;

Legia WarsawLegia Warsaw

In the 2016-2017 season Legia Warsaw with Green – White – Red colors won the 12th Cup in the league. The biggest success of the team in Europe is to win 2-0 in Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter finals.

Slovakia – MŠK Žilina;

MŠK ŽilinaMŠK Žilina

Founded in 1908, MŠK Žilina has played the 7th championship in the 2016-2017 season. The team’s biggest success in Europe was in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup in 1962.

Ukraine – Shakhtar Donetsk;

Shakhtar DonetskShakhtar Donetsk

Shakhtar Donetsk was founded in 1936. The technical director of the orange-black team is Paulo Fonseca. The team who wins the 9th in the league has 1 UEFA Cup.

Denmark – FC Kopenhag;

FC KøbenhavnFC København

FC Copenhagen, founded in 1992, has lived the 11th championship in the league. Stale Solbakken’s technical director does not have any success in Europe.

Estonia – FCI Tallinn;

FCI TallinnFCI Tallinn

15-year-old FCI Tallinn is living his first championship in the league.

Finland – IFK Mariehamn;

IFK MariehamninIFK Mariehamnin

IFK Mariehamn has won the first Veikkausliiga league championship this season. The team’s technical director is Pekka Lyyski.

Sweden – Malmö FF;

Malmö FFMalmö FF

Founded in 1910, Malmö FF has twenty-second championship with blue and white colors. The team’s biggest success in Europe is to be 2nd in the UEFA Champions League.

Iceland – KR Reykjavík;

KR ReykjavíkKR Reykjavík

Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur team of technical director Bjarni Guðjónsson has black and white colors. In the 2016-2017 season, he played 25 championships. The team does not have a success in Europe.

Latvia – FK Spartaks Jūrmala;

FK Spartaks JūrmalaFK Spartaks Jūrmala

FK Spartaks Jurmala, who is 11 years old yet, has been living his 2nd championship in the 2016-2017 season after living his first championship last season. This young team is not yet available in Europe.

Lithuania – Žalgiris Vilnius;

Žalgiris VilniusŽalgiris Vilnius

Žalgiris Vilnius, founded in 1947, won the championship for the 7th time. The team, which has green and white colors, won the Lithuanian Football Cup 11 times and the Lithuanian Super Cup 6 times.

Norway – Rosenborg;


Rosenborg, who is 100 years old, has played 24 championships this season. The team has black and white colors and the technical director is Kåre Ingebrigtsen. Rosenborg does not have any success in Europe.

Albania – FC Kukësi;

FC KukësiFC Kukësi

Founded in 1930, FC Kukësi won the first championship in the Kategoria Superiore league. The team does not have any success in Europe.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Zrinjski Mostar;

HŠK Zrinjski MostarHŠK Zrinjski Mostar

HŠK Zrinjski Mostar ligdeki 5. Şampiyonluğunu yaşamıştır. Kırmızı-Beyaz renklere sahip takımın teknik direktörü Dragan Peric’dir. 1905 yılında kurulan takımın avrupada bir başarısı bulunmamakta.

Croatia – HNK Rijeka;

HNK RijekaHNK Rijeka

HŠK Zrinjski Mostar lived the 5th championship in the league. Dragan Peric is the coach of the team with red and white colors. The team, which was established in 1905, does not have a success in Europe.

Spain – Real Madrid;

Real MadridReal Madrid

Real Madrid, lived 33 championship in the league championship. The teams that have achieved great results in European Cups have been 12 times UEFA Champions League champions, 2 times UEFA Europa League champions and 3 times UEFA Super Cup champions. In addition, there are 3 Intercontinental Cups of Real Madrid and 2 FIFA Club World Cups.

Italy – Juventus;


Juventus, another successful club in Europe, won the 33rd championship. Juventus has won 2 UEFA Champions League champions, 3 UEFA Championships, 1 UEFA Cup Galician Cup, 2 UEFA Super Cup and 1 UEFA Intertoto Cup.

Portugal – Benfica;


Benfica 35th championship dominated the Portuguese league for 4 years. Benfica has been a UEFA Champions League champion twice and has played five times in total.

Serbia – FK Partizan;

FK PartizanFK Partizan

FK Partizan lived the 8th championship in Serbia’s 12-year-old league. Miroslav Đukić is the technical director of the team that has the colors black and white.

Slovenia – NK Maribor;

NK MariborNK Maribor

Founded in 1960, NK Maribor is the champion 14th times. Their colors are Purple and Yellow.

Greece – Olimpiakos;


Olimpiakos, who is the last in our list, is the team that has the most league championship. The team lived the 44th championship in 2016-2017 season. The team’s that has been successful in the Super League the biggest success in the European Cups and will play quarter finals in the UEFA Champions League season.