9 Things You Need to Know About Ukraine

9 Things You Need to Know About Ukraine. In this article, we will talk about 9 different knowledge we know about Ukraine. Take a good look at Ukraine, which we know with nightlife, beautiful cities and beautiful women. You can also find the oblasts of Ukraine here.

1. The Largest Sunflower Oil Manufacturer

The Ukrainian lands are very fertile soil for agriculture. The flag of the country symbolizes the yellow wheat-sunflower fields and the blue sky. It is among the Europe’s largest producers of grain, sugar and honey.

2. Ukraine Owns Modern Airports Because of EURO 2012

The airports in cities in Europe 12 tournaments have just been built. These cities are; Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk. During the civil war, Donetsk airport suffered serious damage. But in Ukraine, as seen from the outside, civil war is not dominant, the country is a safe city for tourists.

3. Northern of Ukraine can be passed in 20 hours from start to finish

Train travel is both more punctual and safer if there is room for intercity transportation. Besides, the trip through the city is very cheap.

4. In recent years, modern buildings are being built in big cities

Although large rectangular buildings remain in the Soviet era for settlement in cities, new buildings and new sites have begun to be built with the change in recent years.

5. Drink Prices are Cheaper According to Europe

Prices of domestic vodka are very reasonable. High alcoholic beverages are available from 11:00 to 22:00. Moreover, the nightlife of Ukraine is quite alive, the bar and the public karaoke are quite common. Also, those who do not want to consume alcohol can try KVAS from street vendors.

6. Many Markets, Buffets and Butchers Are Served in Containers at the Streets

Winter conditions were also kept in mind to keep the windows to a minimum. There are huge markets in the closed areas.

7. There are Small Sales Points of Coffee Shops in City Centers

You can buy coffee made with an espresso machine even from the tiny stall buffet.

8. Trolleybuses in Urban Transportation are Widespread and Cheap

Trolley buses are the most intensive public transport as it is free for retired and disabled people. In addition to the very old trolley buses, modern trolleybuses are also in operation.

9. There are Quality Restaurants

In restaurants with beautiful decorations and atmospheres, beautifully made pizzas and sushi are more reasonable than most countries. We recommend you try Vareniky, one of the most famous dishes of Ukraine, which has many kinds.