About Map Universal

Map Universal is..

Map Universal is a corporation established by a group of cartography lovers. In our team, we have map engineers, city and urban planners and graphic designers. We are focused on to bring you the most unique and up-to-date maps with impressive and useful contents.

We know that maps are not just images of complex texts and symbols that are not understood, when it is created with the right symbology, when it is designed in the right hands, we know that we can examine a wide range of perspectives from current events to past lives and we  are here to share this with you.

What should you expect from Map Universal?

With Map Universal, you can access the most up-to-date information resources and view this information on the map.

You can use Map Universal and inquire about our information resources on many topics that you are curious about.

You can give us feedback on the topics and maps you want to see on our website. So the content you want to see will be listed here as soon as possible.

We use open-source data in our maps. We pass all open-source data through our synthesis and analysis, and we present it back to you.

Your ideas are important to us. Please feel free to give us your feedback once you see and like our content. In this way, we will continue to provide you with more quality and up-to-date content.

Thank you for your attention!