Animals Living in Madagascar

Animals Living in Madagascar. Until today, there have been a variety of living beings living in Madagascar, but we have unfortunately destroyed some special species as human beings. For example, elephant birds, the world’s largest birds, are also among those species that are consumed. The size of these birds was about 3 meters. The jackpot is sad that this particular bird species will not see the next generations.

Today, Madagascar is still a very special kind of life continues. They even go to Madagascar to see these unique species. The world is big, and Madagascar is small. However, it is richer in many parts of the world with its vivid variety. Here are only those animals that live in Madagascar.

Black Lemur

Black Lemur Animals Living in Madagascar

Homeland Madagascar, long-nosed, long tailed black lemur, is located in the endangered animals list lines. The word lemur comes from the Latin word “lemures”, which means the spirit of the night or the ghost. This name was given to the lemurs for their strange cries with their large and bright eyes. They are very sympathetic animals.


Aye Aye Animals Living in Madagascar

This strange creature is a rare species of ape living in Madagascar. It is the only living member of the family of long fingers.


Indri Animals Living in Madagascar

Another type of animal that lives in trees and is mostly fed with leaves. Apart from leaves, it also feeds with seeds, fruits and flowers. It’s actually a lemur species. An animal loved by the people of Madagascar and subject to legend.

Pygmy Hippopotamus

Pygmy Hippopotamus Animals Living in Madagascar

It is a rather small hippopotamus than normal hippopotamus. It is much more advantageous on land than its relatives, who are as big as their species advantage. The fact that they are small has made them very agile on land. Like other hippos, dwarf hippos are a living species that predominantly survive in water. Unfortunately, the numbers are thought to be less than 300.


Fossa Animals Living in Madagascar

It is the largest carnivorous mammal living in Madagascar. It is the main enemies of the lemurs that we have just shared. He is related to the pharaoh, which is more popular for him. We found him very charismatic.

Malagasy Civet

Malagasy Civet Animals Living in Madagascar

They survive in the tropical forests of Madagascar. Small creatures are fed by eating the eggs of insects and other animals. We can call them as small thieves too.


Tenrec Animals Living in Madagascar

They live in the northern tropical forests of Madagascar. They prefer humid environments as their living space. We can say that dry environments are not very suitable for them. Fossas are the main enemies. Because the tenor is a different kind of living thing that is included in the meal meals of the fossils.

Comet Moth

Comet Moth Animals Living in Madagascar

Necropsy is another endangered species. They also live in tropical forests. It is one of the largest silk moths in the world.

Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko Animals Living in Madagascar

It is a leaf-like lizard, a reptile species, that lives only in Madagascar. It is a rare artist of nature in camouflage.

Tomato Frog

Tomato Frog Animals Living in Madagascar

This frog species is endangered just like any other creature. He got his name from the domestics because of his red color. The highly stimulating red color has evolved into a potential hunter who wants to add to his meals. The red color is a stimulating color in nature and a sign that the animal is poisoned.

Madagascar Gecko

Madagascar Gecko Animals Living in Madagascar

It is an interesting type of reptile that licks and moisturizes its drying eyes because it has no eyelids. Night vision is known to be very good.

Giraffe Weevil

Giraffe Weevil Animals Living in Madagascar

They took their names because of their long necks, as you would guess. Men are 2 to 3 times longer than their females.

Brookesia Micra

Brookesia Micra Animals Living in Madagascar

It is the smallest of all known chameleons. These small dimensions gave them a very sympathetic appearance. They are very cute creatures.

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