Best Time to Travel to Albania

The country, which is not well known in terms of tourism, actually carries all the characteristics of a Mediterranean country. It is cheaper and less crowded than the more popular Mediterranean countries. Albania is a good choice if your quest is interfering with the Mediterranean’s wonderful nature with a smaller budget. The Albanian River, compared to the Italian River, is an alternative coastal route.
If you want to go to Albania, you can opt for one of the country’s most entertaining festivals, the Summer Festival. The aim of this festival, which is celebrated every year on March 14, is to celebrate the end of winter and the rebirth of nature and to highlight the constant renewal in the universe. That’s why the festival has a very positive atmosphere in the country.

Weather in Albania

In Albania, where the Mediterranean climate is observed on the coast, the summer months are very hot thanks to hot water flows. Winter months, although rainy in a temperate feature. Therefore, every season of the year is a destination you can choose. The only situation that can cause trouble in winter is heavy rainfall. The coldest month of the year is January with an average temperature of 7 degrees. So there are not extreme colds in Albania.

Temperatures are in the average of classical Mediterranean countries. However, if you want to visit the country in the best way, we recommend you make your choice from spring to early autumn. Indeed, the best time for tourism in the country is between months of April and October. Especially with the perfect weather and unique views, September can be the most beautiful month for Albania. The average temperature is 23 degrees in summer. In September, temperatures are around 21 degrees.

Seasons in Albania

Seasons in Albania

Spring – March, April and May.

Summer – June, July and August.

Autumn – September, October and November.

Winter – December, January and February.