Best Time to Travel to Australia

Temperatures in the inner regions are high in summer, while the northern regions are rainy in the summer. Therefore, spring and autumn should be preferred to visit here. In southern regions like Sydney, the climate is suitable for all seasons. The summer months in Australia, which is in the southern hemisphere, are December, January and February.

Weather in Australia

The weather on large Australian lands varies greatly from region to region. The effect of being surrounded by the oceans is visible on the coast, but this effect is not felt inside. Due to the southern hemisphere, the summer season runs from December to February, while the winter season runs from June to August. In general, tropical climate in northern regions, desert climate in inner regions and a milder climate in the south are seen. Although the weather does not change much in the north and in the inner regions, it is possible to live in four seasons in the south.

In northern cities like Darwin, heavy rains are seen from December to April. It is quite warm in Perth’s south-west towns and rarely has precipitation. Winter months are not very cold and the temperature varies between 8-19 ° C on average. The most popular and crowded cities of the country are located in the south-east. The capital city of Canberra has no beaches and the summer is hot. In winter the temperature occasionally falls below zero and it is possible to see snow in the Australian Alps.

In the southernmost city of Melbourne, the weather changes frequently. Although the summer months are hot and arid, in the spring the temperature can change rapidly during the day. And most rain falls again in the spring. Sydney, the largest city in the country, has a more balanced climate. The winter months are cool and rainy, while the summers are hot, humid and rainless.

It is useful to determine the cities you will visit when going to Australia due to this variable weather and prepare for the weather conditions of those cities.

Seasons in Australia

Seasons in Australia

Spring – September, October and November.

Summer – December, January and February.

Autumn – March, April and May.

Winter – June, July and August.