Best Time to Travel to Chile

Having a colorful culture, Chile offers a wide range of cultural festivals. Especially music festivals are indispensable for the country. Vina del Mar is the most popular among them. The festival takes place in a town close to the capital Santiago, and the streets of the town take on a colorful appearance during the festival.
Andes Fest is an unmissable event for those who want to know the full culture of Chile. During this festival, which is accepted as the national honor of Chile, you will see people dancing on the streets with traditional clothing. Fiestas Patrias, organized on September 18, the country’s independence day, hosts events reflecting the history of Chile.

Weather in Chile

Chile has a wide geographic scale, so there is no widespread climate type across the country. Those who want to go to the country should first know this and determine the ideal timing according to the regions they want to go to. Chile is home to at least seven major climates ranging from the desert to the north, to the east and southeast, to the mountainous areas and glaciers, to humid semi-tropical in the Easter Island, to the south to Oceania and to the Mediterranean climate as the center.

Most of the country has four seasons: summer (December-February), autumn (March-may), winter (June-August) and spring (September-November). There are several factors in the country that control or determine the climate. As a specific type of climate does not dominate the country, there are regional values rather than average temperatures. Although the ideal timing varies according to the regions, the most suitable period to visit the country is the spring and summer period. For winter sports, June and August are also preferred.

Seasons in Chile

Seasons in Chile

Spring – September, October and November.

Summer – December,January and February.

Autumn – March, April and May.

Winter – June, July and August.