Best Time to Travel to Ecuador

It is bordered by Colombia in the north, Peru in the south and east, and by the Pacific in the west. The famous Galapagos Islands are also within the borders of the country. Ecuador, colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century, gained its independence in 1820. The country, with many ethnicities, has a population of over 15 million; A large part of the population is formed by a mixture of American and Indigenous peoples called Mestizo. In Ecuador, of which capital is Quito, there are multiple official languages, especially in Spanish.

Weather in Ecuador

Although Ecuador is not terrestrial, it has a wide variety of climatic zones. The main reason for this is the fact that the country has a lot of upgrades. While mountainous regions are warm throughout the year, coastal areas and low areas are humid.

Due to its location on the equator, the variation during daytime is very small throughout the year, in Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands have warm and rainy weather between January and April, and this period is the ideal period for snorkelling. Most of the year is suitable for traveling to Ecuador.

Seasons in Ecuador

Seasons in Ecuador

Spring – September, October and November.

Summer – December, January and February.

Autumn – March, April and May.

Winter – June, July and August.