Best Time to Travel to France

Located in Western Europe, France ranks among the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The capital of the country is Paris. It has a long Atlantic Ocean shoreline in the west, the English Channel in the north, and the Mediterranean in the south.

France has been one of the world’s largest colonial empires in the past. It also has overseas territories outside the mainland in Europe. Martinique and Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, French Guiana in South America and Reunion and Mayotte on the banks of Madagascar are some of them.

France, which has many cities with the most treasures in Europe, has hundreds of tourist attraction centers. French Riviera, Atlantic beaches, holiday villages for winter sports in the French Alps, Loire Valley and of course Paris are some of them. Paris is the city that attracts the most tourists in the country. It has a big share in the city’s hosting of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and Disneyland.

Weather in France

In France, there is a climate with a mixture of the Mediterranean climate in the south and the Alpine climate in the north. This has led to different types of climates being effective in different parts of the country. In the Loire and Basque regions mild summer and winter months are seen due to the Atlantic effect. Average summer temperature values range from 13-24 degrees. In Central and Eastern France, there is an extreme climate. There are very cold winters and quite hot summers.

Precipitation is effective throughout the year in France. However, the most effective months are May and December. The month when the least precipitation is seen is September. It is generally not suitable to visit France before Easter due to extreme rainfall. Especially if you are thinking of going to Paris, spring months will be the best time.

On the other hand, if you look at it as a whole, the best time to enjoy the full taste of France is between June and September. Beaches are quite crowded during the second half of July and especially during the month of August, mainly Côte d’Azur. However, the temperature of the air can be a bit disturbing.
So if you do not enjoy walking in hot weather, it is a good idea to avoid dates. But if you are looking for an enjoyable holiday revolving around the sea, sand, sun, the South of the country in summer is quite ideal. The region welcomes thousands of tourists who have come to these destinations every year for similar purposes. With all these features, France has different possibilities both in terms of summer tourism and winter tourism.

Seasons in France

Seasons in France

Spring – March, April and May.

Summer – June, July and August.

Autumn – September, October and November.

Winter – December, January and February.