Best Time to Travel to Germany

Germany, the largest country in Central Europe, is a federative state of 16 states, each with its own unique culture. This country, which has one of the most influential economies of Europe and the world, has a population of over 80 million. The capital is Berlin. There are hundreds of locations worth visiting in Germany, where there is a deep cultural heritage dating back to the German tribes. The most visited city is Berlin.

In addition to these, Germany has a very important position because it is one of the main actors in events that affect the recent history of the world. Having a world-class position in terms of lifestyle makes Germany more attractive to many people and makes the country the second most migrated country after the US.

The festivals, especially held during the summer season, are the activities that tourists from all over the world come together. One of the country’s most popular festivals is the Oktoberfest, held in Munich on the last days of September and the first days of October each year. In this period, many people from different parts of the world come to the country. In addition, the International Berlin Film Festival is also held in February, which is why many tourists are attracted during the winter season. Also, if you are interested in winter sports, you can experience an unforgettable ski experience in the Bavarian Alps, with its wonderful ski slopes.

Weather in Germany

In Germany, which has a temperate climate, cold winters and hot summers are generally observed. Moreover, you can find places to visit and activities to do in the country at any time of the year. However, the period between May and October is the most appropriate interval between 20-30 degrees. The country receives an equal amount of rainfall year-round; but in the northern part of the country during the summer periods this amount is increasing. Therefore, it will be better for you to choose the spring months, escaping from the rainy season. The least rainfall area of the country is the east.

Seasons in Germany

Seasons in Germany

Spring – March, April and May.

Summer – June, July and August.

Autumn – September, October and November.

Winter – December, January and February.