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Canadian Provinces and Territories

Provinces of Canada and Territories. Canada has a total of 10 provinces and 3 territories. The vast majority of the Canadian population lives in areas close to the US-Canada border. In this post we will have some information about Canada provinces and territories. Ontario Canada’s most populous province. The population estimate for the year 2018 […]

Counties of Lithuania

Counties of Lithuania

There are 10 counties in Lithuania. All counties have the same name as their capitals. You can see the counties of Lithuania in the map below. Alytus The capital is Alytus. It has a population of 153,600. The surface area is 5,425 square kilometers. Kaunas The capital is Kaunas. It has a population of 596,200. […]

Decentralized Regions of Greece

Decentralized Regions of Greece was created as part of the Kallikratis reform (Law 3852/2010), a comprehensive reform of the administrative structure of the country in January 2011. Decentralized administrations have both administrative and financial autonomy, and use state authorities to address urban planning, environmental and energy policies, forestry, migration and citizenship. They are also responsible […]

Australian States and Territories

Australia is divided into New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and Northern Territory. While New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia; are in states status, Northern Territory is in territory status. In the below map you can find the Australian State Borders. New South Wales The capital […]

Districts of Serbia

Districts of Serbia. In Serbia there are a total of 29 (5 districts within the Kosovo borders) district. Districts form the first-level administrative divisions of Serbia. The capital Belgrade has a separate status. The 5 districts in Kosovo are not included in this article. On the map below you can see the districts of Serbia […]

Provinces of Armenia

Provinces of Armenia. There are 10 provinces and 1 city in Armenia. Because Yerevan is the capital of the country, it is shaped differently from the other 10 provinces. Below you can see the map of the provinces of Armenia. Aragatsotn Ashtarak The population of 2011 is 132,925. The surface area is 2,756 square kilometers. The […]

Regions of Georgia

Regions of Georgia. In Georgia, the regional division is autonomous republics, municipal and regional municipalities. In this article we will get some general information about 2 autonomous regions, 9 regions and capital Tbilisi. You can see the regions of Georgia on the map below. Regions of Georgia Abkhazia Sukhumi (Sokhumi) is the capital city. It has […]

Counties of Romania

Counties of Romania. There are 41 counties in Romania. The capital city of Bucharest is also considered separately. Bucharest is also the largest city of Romania at the same time. Romania’s most populous city is Bucharest. You can see the map showing Romania’s counties below. Counties of Romania Alba It has a population of 342,376. […]

Regions of Czech Republic

Regions of Czech Republic. There are 13 regions in the Czech Republic and there is a city in the region status. The capital city of Prague is both a capital and a region. In this article we will give some general information about the regions of the Czech Republic such as population and area. On […]

Provinces of Rwanda

Provinces of Rwanda. There are five provinces in Rwanda. There are also 31 municipalities. In the country consisting of 12 administrative regions until January 1, 2006, the new administrative legislation adopted on that date and the administrative regions were reduced to five. Furthermore, the regions have the name “province” since 2012. Especially, in order to […]