States of Sudan Map fea

States of Sudan

Hits: 43Sudan is administratively divided into 18 states. The number of states of Sudan from 25 until 9 July 2011 decreased to 15 in May 2011 when South Sudan became an independent state. On 9 July 2011, 10 Sudanese provinces were linked to the newly established South Sudan state. The total number of states in […]

Regions of Iran Map fea

Regions of Iran

Hits: 35Iran is divided into five regions. Thirty-one provinces of Iran were divided into five regions on 22 June 2014 by the decision of the Ministry of Interior. In this change, the contiguity, geographical location, and similarities of the provinces were taken into consideration. The Iranian Constitution does not define regions and these regions are […]

Districts of Luxembourg Map fea

Districts of Luxembourg

Hits: 6Districts of Luxembourg are the highest administrative units in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. There are three districts in Luxembourg, which are divided into a total of sixteen cantons. The cantons in the country were created on February 24, 1843. In 1857, a region called Mersch was created from the cantons of Mersch and […]

Provinces of Iran

Hits: 46Iran is divided into thirty-one “Ostan(Provinces of Iran)“, each of which is managed by the city, a local settlement called Markaz. The state administration is headed by a Governor-commander appointed by the Minister of the Interior with the approval of the Council of Ministers. Iran has preserved its modern territory since the Treaty of […]

Counties of Ireland Map fea

Counties of Ireland

Hits: 14The island of Ireland is divided into thirty-two counties. Six of these thirty-two regions are located in Northern Ireland. The number of county in Ireland is twenty sixty. Counties of Ireland are used geographically to separate local government areas. Counties in Ireland were established with a system similar to the counties used as local […]

Municipalities of Liechtenstein Map fea

Municipalities of Liechtenstein

Hits: 20Liechtenstein is divided into eleven municipalities. Most municipalities consist of only one town. Five of the municipalities are located in the Unterland (lower country) constituency and the other six are located in the upper country. The municipalities of Liechtenstein show complex shapes despite their small size. Seven municipalities have one or more districts in […]

Cantons of Luxembourg Map fea

Cantons of Luxembourg

Hits: 1The cantons of Luxembourg are the administrative units under the provinces. There are a total of twelve cantons in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. These cantons are also divided into communes with a total number of 116. Twelve Cantons of Luxembourg Luxembourg is divided into twelve cantons under three districts. Twelve Cantons of Luxembourg […]

Administrative Divisions of Moldova

Hits: 3Under Moldova’s regional administrative organization law, it is administratively divided into the following administrative district units: districts, cities / towns and villages. The administrative divisions of Moldova is organized at 2 levels. Villages, sectors and cities / towns constitute the first level. Districts, Chișinău municipality, Bălți municipality and Bender municipality constitute the second level. […]

Economic Regions of Russia Map fea

Economic Regions of Russia

Hits: 11Russia is divided into twelve economic regions. Economic regions of Russia are the reunification of Russian federal structures for economic and statistical needs. The division into these economic zones is different from the division of the country into federal regions, because the sole purpose of federal zones is administrative. No federal zone can belong […]

Regions of Niger

Hits: 11Niger is divided into seven regions as the highest administrative unit and Niamey capital municipality units, taking into account the geographical and administrative conditions. Seven regions of Niger are divided into 63 municipalities with a total of 254 municipalities. The Tillabéry division was founded in 1992 when the Niamey District was divided, and the […]