Regions of Senegal Map fea

Regions of Senegal

The African country Senegal is divided into fourteen regions as the highest administrative structure. These regions are managed by the regional council, which is elected by general election. These regions are divided into 45 departments. Fourteen Regions of Senegal Senegel is divided into fourteen regions as the highest level of administrative division. These regions are […]

Districts of Libya Map fea

Districts of Libya

Libya is divided into twenty-two districts. Districts are the highest administrative regions in Libya. Historically, Libya is made up of Tripolitania Region in the northwest, Cyrenaica Region in the east, and upper regions considered to be Fezzan Region in the southwest. But these regions are completely historically separated, although they do not have any administrative […]

Counties of Liberia Map fea

Counties of Liberia

The Republic of Liberia is divided into fifteen counties. Each is run by a superintendent appointed by the President. The counties are Liberia’s top administrative divisions. The final division was completed in 2001. Fifteen Counties of Liberia Liberia is divided into fifteen first-level administrative divisions. These administrative divisions are Bomi, Bong, Gbarpolu, Grand Bassa, Grand […]

Counties of Kenya Map fea

Counties of Kenya

Kenya is divided into 47 counties. Kenya consisted of eight provinces until the new administrative structure in 2010 was adopted. 47 counties established as a result of the new administrative structure in 2010 and which came into force in March 2013 have eliminated the administrative structure covering the eight provinces in effect until that date. […]

Regions of Guinea-Bissau Map fea

Regions of Guinea-Bissau

The African country of Guinea-Bissau is divided into nine regions, one of which is an autonomous city sector. Although the capital of the country is called the Bissau sector, it is equal to the other eight regions. The other eight regions are divided into 37 sectors. These regions, which exist throughout the country, are unofficially […]

Regions of Guinea

The African country of Guinea is divided into eight regions within itself as the highest administrative structure. The regions in question are divided into 33 provinces, and the provinces are divided into 341 districts. Conakry, which is located in these eight regions, has a different status as the capital region and does not have any […]

Regions of Ghana

Located in the west of the African continent, Ghana consists of a total of ten regions. These regions are divided into 216 districts by 2015. Each of the Ghana regions is managed by regional ministers, and each region has regional courts. Ten Regions of Ghana Ghana is divided into ten regions as the highest administrative division. […]

Regions of the Gambia Map fea

Regions of the Gambia

The African country of Gambia consists of five regions and one capital city, the Greater Banjul district. The capital region is divided into two municipalities, the municipality of Banjul and the municipality of Kanifing. The regions which are formed by taking into consideration the administrative and geographical conditions are also divided into 35 districts. The […]

Regions of Djibouti

Djibouti is divided into six regions. These regions are the highest administrative division of Djibouti. Djibouti, which was divided into five regions until 2003, established the Arta region in 2003 and increased its number to six. The administrative division of Djibouti began in 1914. This year, two administrative regions were defined except for the city […]

Provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Map fea

Provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo state, which is located in the central southern part of the African continent, was separated in its 11 provinces. While 10 of these administrative regions had regional status, the capital was the Capital Region of Kinshasa. Considering the administrative and cultural conditions, the number of provinces established was decided […]