Regions of Somalia

Hits: 40Somalia is officially divided into 18 and 90 districts. Actually, it is divided into the autonomous states of Hatumo, Puntland and Somaliland in the north, Galmudug in the Middle Somalia, and Cubaland and the Southwest Somalia in the south, and the Federal Parliament is tasked with determining the number and borders of the regions […]

Municipalities of Kosovo Map fea

Municipalities of Kosovo

Hits: 6Municipalities of Kosovo are located in the provinces of the country and form the sub-administrative division. The current municipal structures are administrative divisions of the Republic of Kosovo. The administrative structure of Kosovo currently defines several levels for Kosovo, whose administrative situation is not monolithic. The first one is the administrative structure of the […]

Regions of Ivory Coast

Hits: 3The highest administrative division of the Ivory Coast is the Districts. Districts are subdivided into regions. The Ivory Coast is divided into 14 districts and 33 regions under 14 districts. In fact, two of the 33 regions are autonomous cities. In this case, 31 regions can be said. Regions of Ivory Coast are divided […]

Regions of Mali

Hits: 29Mali’s administrative structure consists of eight regions at the highest level. Equally, there is a capital region, which includes the capital Bamako. All of the regions of Mali has the name of the capital. The regions are divided into second level administrative divisions called 56 Cercles. It is also divided into 703 communes which […]

Regions of Mauritania Map fea

Regions of Mauritania

Hits: 3The African country of Mauritania is divided into 15 regions, 12 of which are the top administrative structures, and 3 are the capital regions. These 15 regions are subdivided into 44 departments. The capital region is divided into three sections: Nouakchott-Nord, Nouakchott-Ouest and Nouakchott-Sud. Thirteen Regions of Mauritania The African country of Mauritania is […]

Districts of Mauritius Map fea

Districts of Mauritius

Hits: 16The Districts of Mauritius is the second-level administrative division after the country’s islands. The country is divided into nine districts. These nine districts are subdivided into 1 city, 4 towns and 130 villages. Until 2002, the country was divided into ten districts. Rodrigues Island was the tenth region of Mauritius, and in 2002 it […]

Regions of Morocco

Hits: 24The regions of Morocco were created in 1997 with the enactment of the localization law. Since 2015, Morocco has been divided into 12 regions. Regions is the highest administrative level in Morocco. The regions are divided into 75 sub-provinces. The regions are governed by the governors of the king. The governor also manages the […]

Provinces of Mozambique Map fea

Provinces of Mozambique

Hits: 18Mozambique is divided into 10 provinces and 1 capital region. Province is the highest administrative division of Mozambique. Mozambique is also geographically divided into three regions: North, South and Central. However, these geographical regions have no administrative validity. Eleven Provinces of Mozambique The African country Mozambique is divided into 11 provinces, the highest administrative […]

Regions of Namibia Map fea

Regions of Namibia

Hits: 27Namibia, located in the south of the African continent, is divided into 14 administrative regions. Although each region has limited powers, it has regional administrations. After the independence of the country, the regions were legally determined on 3 March 1992 and the system was put into practice. Delimitation Commission of Namibia is the only […]

Provinces of Zimbabwe Map fea

Provinces of Zimbabwe

Hits: 34Zimbabwe on the African continent is divided into 10 provinces. These provinces are divided into 59 districts. Ten Provinces of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe is divided into ten provinces, the highest administrative division. Provinces of Zimbabwe are Bulawayo, Harare, Manicaland, Mashonaland Central, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, Masvingo, Matabeleland North, and Matabeleland South. Bulawayo Bulawayo is the […]