Departments of El Salvador

Departments of El Salvador. There are 14 departments in El Salvador. There are a total of 262 municipalities under these departments. In this article we will give some general information about the districts of El Salvador such as population and area.You can see the Departments of El Salvador on the map below. Departments of El […]

Provinces of Gabon

Provinces of Gabon. There are 9 provinces in Gabon. In this article we will give some general information about the provinces of Gabon such as population and area. You can see the Provinces of Gabon on the map below. Provinces of Gabon Estuaire The capital of the province is Libreville. The population of 2013 is […]

Governorates of Egypt

Governorates of Egypt – Provincial Divisions od Egypt

There are a total of 27 governorates in Egypt. You can see Governorates of Egypt on below map. Every governorate has a capital. In this article we will give some information about Governorates of Egypt. Governorates of Egypt – Provincial Divisions od Egypt. Alexandria The population is 4,799,740 and the area is 2,818 square kilometers. […]

Cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The administrative divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina consist of two entities, the Bosnia-Herzegovina Federation formed by Bosniaks and Croats, and the Republika Srpska formed by Serbs, and an autonomous administrative region, Brčko. Each entity has its own president, parliament, police and customs organization and postal system. The […]

Statistical Regions of Slovenia_feat

Statistical Regions of Slovenia

Statistical Regions of Slovenia. In Slovenia there are a total of 12 statistical regions. There are 8 statistical regions in Eastern Slovenia and 4 in Western Slovenia. In this article, we will get some general information about these regions. You can see the statistical regions of Slovenia in the map below. Mura The surface area […]

Counties of Croatia

Counties of Croatia

Counties of Croatia. For the first time Croatia was divided into counties in the Middle Ages. Administrative divisions changed over time due to the loss of land in Ottoman conquests over time, the liberation of these lands, the change of political status in Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and Istria. This traditional division has completely disappeared in the […]

Regions of Slovakia

Regions of Slovakia. Slovakia has been divided into regions, which have been called “kraje” in their own language, which means “territory” many times since 1949. Numbers, boundaries and functions have also changed constantly. There are currently eight regions in Slovakia that correspond to level 3 local government units according to the NUTS geocode standard, which […]

Regions of Denmark

Regions of Denmark

The regions of Denmark were established in 2007 with the Danish Municipal Reform in Denmark. With this reform, the number of municipalities in Denmark has been reduced from 270 to 98. Between 1970 and 2006, there were counties in Denmark. Unlike counties, regions do not have coat of arms, but they have logotype. According to […]

Regions of Belgium

Regions of Belgium. Belgium is a federal state with three communities, three regions and four languages. The establishment date of language divisions is 2 August 1963, Second Gilson Act. The division into language territories was a subject in the Belgian Constitution in 1970. Through constitutional reforms in the 1970s and 1980s, federal, regional and community governments […]

Provinces of the Netherlands

In the Netherlands there are 12 provinces representing the administrative layer between the national government and the local governments. In this article we will give some general information about the provinces of the Netherlands. Below you will find the map showing the provinces of Netherlands. Provinces of the Netherlands Drenthe The capital is Assen, and the […]

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