Gaddani Pakistan

Interesting Facts and Statistics About Pakistan

Hits: 20Thousands of tourists visit Pakistan every year and praise its beauty and glamour scattered all around. If you are planning to visit Pakistan, it is highly recommended to pack some extra luggage as it surely will take much time to visit premium locations of Pakistan. Well, do not worry about your excess luggage as […]

Shoe Brands by Countries

Hits: 560Shoe Brands by Countries. Did you know that Munich was a Spanish shoe brand? Or did you ever hear Hemah? Which one is your fav brand? Did you find in the list? If not, what are your fav shoe brands? Countries and Some of the Most Popular Shoe Brands Austria Humanic, Jello Shoe company, […]


World Pet Ownership

Hits: 598World Pet Ownership. Over the years, pets have become an integral part of the world’s families, from strange and distraction. As human populations grow, pet populations grow. It is fascinating to see in the maps that how the population of animals in the world is distributed. It’s not surprising that your best friend, your […]

Caño Cristales

Interesting Facts and Statistics About Colombia

Hits: 861. 60% of the world’s emeralds come from Colombia. 2. Colombia constitutes 10% of Amazon rain forests. 3. In 1973, Nixon gave Colombia a rock that the Apollo 17 gathered from the moon during the landing. Furthermore, the plate was “A Gift to the People of the Republic of Colombia”. 4. The Caño Cristales […]

hawaiian pizza

Interesting Facts and Statistics About Canada

Hits: 801. Many research and surveys show that Canada is the most livable country in the world. 2. One of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world, the northern lights are most clearly seen in Canada, the Yukon, Nunavut and northwestern territories of Canada. 3. Each year, over one million letters are sent to […]

Locarno International Film Festival

Festivals in Switzerland

Hits: 78There are numerous festivals in different cities and regions of Switzerland. The most important of these are the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, the Basel Fasnacht, the Greenfield Festival, the Lucerne Festival, the Sechseläuten, the Ascona Music Festival, and the Fête de la musique. Other important festivals include the jazz festival Lugano Festival Jazz […]

Chilean Wine

Interesting Facts and Statistics About Chile

Hits: 1091. Chile is the longest country in the world with a latitude of 38 latitudes and a length of 4,620 km from north to south. 2. The Chilean national flag is similar to the Texas flag. 3. In 2007, in the city of Valparaiso, Chile, at the beginning of the year, they organized 16,000 […]

Swiss Army Knife

Interesting Facts and Statistics About Switzerland

Hits: 1151. Some people in Switzerland still eat dog and cat meat. It’s legal in this country. 2. Women got the right to vote in Switzerland in 1971. 3. It is the second longest living country in the world with an average life span of 83.4 years. 4. The Swiss have more weapons than the […]

Cannes film festival

Festivals in France

Hits: 93There are many festivals every year in France. The country is also the capital of film festivals. In France, there are festivals for religious days, music, film, art, cinema, chocolates, citrus fruits, and wine, even for puppies. Important Festivals in France Cirque de Demain (January) At the festival, which means “Circus tomorrow” and is celebrated […]


Interesting Facts and Statistics About France

Hits: 1191. France is the most visited country of the world with 83 million tourists per year. 2. Mont Blanc at 4,807 meters height is the highest mountain in both France and Europe. 3. Although Napoleon is known as short height, its height is above the country average. 4. If you wish in France, you […]