Capital of Australia

Everything About Australia

Hits: 647Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere. It is the only country that covers an entire continent. The capital city is Canberra, and the biggest city is Sydney. Australia is a lively, energetic and friendly country. It is a native English speaking place with a tropical climate, whose living standards are quite high, […]

Capital of Germany

Everything About Germany

Hits: 440Germany, an extension of Germanic tribes dating back to the 3rd century BC, is known as the country of poets and thinkers in world history. Hundreds of years of culture are among the countries that have decided on the course of the world with its development in the field of science and technology, which […]

Capital of Spain

Everything About Spain

Hits: 215Spain is bordered by Morocco, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Andorra and France. The official language is Spanish. Other languages with regional prevalence are Basque, Aranca, Catalan and Galician. The country also has ethnic groups such as Romanians, Moroccans and Ecuadores. There is no mention in the Spanish national anthem. On the other hand, the […]