Andorra Flag Map

Andorra Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 100Colors and the Meaning of the Andorra Flag Flag of Andorra is the flag of the Principality of Andorra. The flag is divided into 3 equal lengths, blue on the left, yellow on the middle and red on the right. Since Andorra was managed by France and Spain, the flag takes the blue color […]

Slovenia Flag Map

Slovenia Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 124Colors and the Meaning of the Slovenia Flag The Slovenian flag consists of three equal horizontal bands. The top stripe is white, the blue in the middle and the red stripe at the bottom. In the center of the white and blue stripes, on the left side of the flag, is the dynasty coat […]

San Marino Flag Map

San Marino Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 53Colors and the Meaning of the San Marino Flag The San Marino flag consists of two equal horizontal bands, white on the top and light blue on the bottom. The national coat of arms of the country is centered where both colored columns meet. The coat of arms consists of three separate towers on […]

South Sudan Flag Map

South Sudan Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 119Colors and the Meaning of the South Sudan Flag The South Sudan flag was adopted on July 9, 2011, with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Treaty, which ended the Second Sudanese Civil War. The flag was previously used by the People’s Liberation Army / Movement of Sudan. The flag is colored as the […]

Uzbekistan Flag Map

Uzbekistan Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 125Colors and the Meaning of the Uzbekistan Flag The flag of Uzbekistan consists of three horizontal stripes, respectively turquoise white and green. There are thin red strips between the strips. On the top left side of the flag are a crescent and twelve stars. Many theories have been proposed for the symbolic meaning of […]

Gabon Flag Map

Gabon Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 118Colors and the Meaning of the Gabon Flag Gabon became one of the few countries in the African continent that did not use the Pan-African colors on its flag after it gained independence from the colonial system of France. The flag consists of green, yellow and blue colors that divide the flag horizontally into three […]

Dominica Flag Map

Dominica Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 122Colors and the Meaning of the Dominica Flag The flag of Dominica is composed of a horizontal and vertical cross of yellow, black and white colors on a green background. In the middle of the flag, there is a parrot with ten lemon green stars around it in the red circle where the horizontal […]

Eritrea Flag Map

Eritrea Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 108Colors and the Meaning of the Eritrea Flag Eritrea flag is composed of green, red and blue colors from top to bottom. The top of the rectangular triangle formed against the send side is green and the lower part is blue. The equilateral triangle in the flag is red. The green color used in […]

Guatemala Flag Map

Guatemala Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 281Colors and the Meaning of the Guatemala Flag The Flag of Guatemala consists of sky-blue-white-sky blue colors, which vertically divide the flag into three equal parts. The sky blue symbolizes the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean on both sides of the country, while the white color in the middle represents the cleanliness and […]

Grenada Flag Map

Grenada Flag Map and Meaning

Hits: 133Colors and the Meaning of the Grenada Flag The flag of Grenada is composed of four triangles, two of which are yellow (above and below) and two of them are green, surrounded by a rectangle divided in red. There are seven yellow five-pointed stars on the flag. Three of them are in the red […]