Obesity Rates by Gender

Hits: 153What is Obesity? Obesity is among the most important health problems of developed and developing countries today. Obesity is, in general, an excessive increase in the ratio of fat mass to lean mass of the body, which exceeds the desired level of body weight according to the resultant length of the body. In order to […]

Defraudation in Europe and in the World

Hits: 621Even if people, countries or events are different, the bleeding scandal of the public sector around the world is the same: “In many countries, the situation has become even worse, compared to last year, which is extremely alarming.” These words belong to Finn Heinrich, Research Director of Transparency International. In these content you will […]

Deaths By Influenza in the U.S.A.

Hits: 240In the winter months, nearly most of us get influenza. Unfortunately, when we do not get daily vitamin supplements, it’s not easy to recover. We made a research on influenza.We prepared three maps showing the data, in 2014, 2015 and 2016, Deaths By Influenza in the U.S.A. First we will interpret maps and then talk […]


The Lowest Temperatures Recorded in Europe

Hits: 179In this article we will see The Lowest Temperatures Recorded in Europe on the map. “In fact, there is no cold … According to physics laws, in real life, we give the name ‘coldness’ to ‘absence of heat’ … There is no such thing as cold … It is just a word we produce […]

Global Warming

The Highest Temperatures Recorded in Europe

Hits: 360In this article, we will share The Highest Temperatures Recorded in Europe with you. We found the highest temperatures officially registered in European countries for you and made them a map. The highest temperature was recorded in Turkey while the lowest temperature was recorded in Ireland. Let’s see when and where temperatures are recorded. Temperatures […]

Gasoline Prices in Europe (8.01.2018)

Hits: 136Gasoline prices in Europe are on the rise. Click on the link below to review the previous map and compare prices. You can look at the table of changes in oil prices in a month. You can view the previous month’s map here. Why Gasoline Prices Are Increasing? High gas prices are caused by […]

Gasoline Prices in Europe

Gasoline Prices in Europe (18.12.2017)

Hits: 227The map above shows the prices on December 18, 2017 Petroleum is.. Although petroleum is generally known as a specific fuel (petrol, kerosene, diesel engine, motor oil, fuel oil), petroleum oil actually means unprocessed crude oil which is in its natural state and is extracted from underground. Oil is undoubtedly one of the most […]

Internet Users in Africa 2017

Internet Users by African Countries in 2017

Hits: 276Internet is the most popular guest we have in our life everyday, each hour. It is no surprise that in 2017, internet users were increased as well as it did in Europe. According to We are Social’s Digital in 2017 Global Overview report here is some statistics about internet usage in 2017. Top Ten Internet Using […]

Internet Users by European Countries in 2017

Internet Users by European Countries in 2017

Hits: 351Each year internet has a growing user volume. Day by day more people can reach to internet on desktop or via their mobile devices. Do you think it is because internet gives us what we want?  According to We are Social’s Digital in 2017 Global Overview report internet usage has an increase in 2017 […]