Istiklal Street

Is Turkey a Safe Country?

Turkey is a safe place to visit unless you get as you use your common sense and precaution. Governments around the world are not advised to travel south-east of the country (Syria border) and Diyarbakir, Siirt, Tunceli and Hakkari provinces on this border, constantly due to the risk of terrorism. The last terrorist attack in […]

Ida Mountains

Best Time to Travel to Turkey

Four seasons can be experienced at the same time, favorable period to visit Turkey with its unique and incomparable geography varies depending on the area to be visited. Palandöken, Uludağ, and Erciyes, which are preferred for winter sports, reach the most suitable snow levels in January and February. Black Sea Region is rainy most of […]

Turkish Lira

Turkish Currency / What is the Currency of Turkey?

Turkey’s currency is the Turkish lira. Sub-unit of currency used in Turkey and North Cyprus is a penny. The Central Bank of Turkey organized the TL Symbol Contest on 8 September 2011 in order to increase the reputation of the Turkish lira and increase its awareness in the world. The new symbol was determined as […]

Public Holidays in Turkey

Here are the official public holidays in Turkey. January 1, New Year’s Day. The first day of the Gregorian new year April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. Commemoration of the first opening of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey at Ankara in 1920. 1 May, Labour and Solidarity Day, May Day 19 May, Commemoration […]

Kunta Kinteh Island

Tourism in Gambia, 10 Reasons to Visit Gambia

Tourism in Gambia, 10 Reasons to Visit Gambia. The tourism sector in Gambia began with the arrival of 300 Swedish tourists in 1965. The number of visitors increased from 300 tourists in 1965 to 25,000 visitors in 1976. The number of tourists has continued to grow sharply over the years and since the government is […]

Turkmenbasy Ruhy Mosque

Tourism in Turkmenistan, 10 Reasons to Visit Turkmenistan

Tourism in Turkmenistan, 10 Reasons to Visit Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan is a country with an expanding tourism industry potential. Ashgabat has a modern international airport, the base of Turkmenistan Airlines. Furthermore, tourists from abroad are deterred by the restrictive visa regime with all the countries of the world. There are many historical buildings and natural beauty […]


Tourism in Spain, 10 Reasons to Visit Spain

Tourism in Spain, 10 Reasons to Visit Spain. Tourism is the third largest sector in the country after the industrial and banking sectors, with approximately 10-11% contribution to GDP in Spain. In 2017, Spain was the second most visited country in the world, and country visited by 81.7 million tourists in 2017.  Spain is most […]

surf australia

Tourism in Australia, Travel Australia

Tourism in Australia, 10 Reasons to Visit Australia. Australia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Australia is a center of attraction for its beaches, culture and kangaroos. Australian Cuisine / What to Eat in Australia?   What is the Capital of Australia? Everything About Australia Australian States and Territories Interesting Facts and […]

Australian English

What is the Official Language of Australia?

Apart from being an official language of Australia, there is a great deal of Australian English speaking in Australia. The distinguishing feature of Australian English from other English is its accents and words. On the other hand, there are a few languages spoken in Australia, including Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Vietnamese and Spanish. The teaching […]

Weather in Australia

Best Time to Travel to Australia

Temperatures in the inner regions are high in summer, while the northern regions are rainy in the summer. Therefore, spring and autumn should be preferred to visit here. In southern regions like Sydney, the climate is suitable for all seasons. The summer months in Australia, which is in the southern hemisphere, are December, January and […]

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