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Tourism in Australia, Travel Australia

Tourism in Australia, 10 Reasons to Visit Australia. Australia is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Australia is a center of attraction for its beaches, culture and kangaroos. Australian Cuisine / What to Eat in Australia?   What is the Capital of Australia? Everything About Australia Australian States and Territories Interesting Facts and […]

Australian English

What is the Official Language of Australia?

Apart from being an official language of Australia, there is a great deal of Australian English speaking in Australia. The distinguishing feature of Australian English from other English is its accents and words. On the other hand, there are a few languages spoken in Australia, including Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Vietnamese and Spanish. The teaching […]

Weather in Australia

When to go to Australia?

Temperatures in the inner regions are high in summer, while the northern regions are rainy in the summer. Therefore, spring and autumn should be preferred to visit here. In southern regions like Sydney, the climate is suitable for all seasons. The summer months in Australia, which is in the southern hemisphere, are December, January and […]

Greyhound Australia

Trip Advice to Places Around Australia

Where to go from Australia, how to get there? Canberra to Sydney, Canberra to Melbourne, Sydney to Melbourne. Canberra to Sydney Private Car: Canberra is 286 kilometers from Sydney by road. It takes about 3 hours. Daily car rentals start at $ 40AUD. Bus: With the company Murrays you can travel from Canberra to Sydney by […]

Kangaroo Road

Is Australia a Safe Country?

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world. Australia is among the world’s safest 10 countries. The crime rate in Australia is very low. The dangers of Australia are natural hazards and dangerous animals. However, the UV index in Australia is very high and it is necessary to take precaution for protection from […]

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Public Holidays in Australia

Australia Day It is on January 26 every year. Labour Day Australians celebrate every year to commemorate the Australian labor movement on dates that vary according to the provinces. 1st Monday in October in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia. 1st Monday in March in Western Australia. 2nd Monday in March in Victoria and Tasmania. 1st Monday […]

Lake Bled

Tourism in Slovenia, 10 Reasons to Visit Slovenia

Tourism in Slovenia, 10 Reasons to Visit Slovenia. Slovenia offers a wide variety of landscapes, including tourists, Alpine in the north, the Mediterranean in the south, Pannonian in the north, and Dinaric in the south. At the same time, Slovenia has a number of small medieval towns serving as major tourist attractions. Among them, the […]


Tourism in Honduras, 10 Reasons to Visit Honduras

Tourism in Honduras, 10 Reasons to Visit Honduras. Honduras is a tourist attraction with its abundant and diverse natural beauty such as white sandy and dark sandy beaches, coral reefs, abundant flora and fauna, and archeological beauty, as well as all culture that expresses its traditions and traditional foods. Approximately 1 million tourists visited Honduras […]

California Lighthouse

Tourism in Aruba, 10 Reasons to Visit Aruba

Tourism in Aruba, 10 Reasons to Visit Aruba. With excellent weather, elegant hospitality and spectacular beaches, Aruba is well-known for its tourism. According to the Aruba website, Aruba has one of the highest hotel occupancy rates in the Caribbean, with an average of around 75%. The popularity of Aruba remains consistent not only because of […]

Shirley Heights

Tourism in Antigua and Barbuda, 10 Reasons to Visit Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism in Antigua and Barbuda, 10 Reasons to Visit Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda have the best beaches in the world. Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority is an institution dedicated to increasing the tourism potential of Antigua & Barbuda. Twin Island promotes the island state as a unique, high quality tourism center with the […]

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