Polish Currency/What is the Currency of Poland?

The currency of Poland is Złoty.Zloty’s sign is zł and its code is PLN. Złoty is only used for złoty, which is the singular figure, the złote is used for pluralities. Ziłoty in dialectic means polish in gold. 1 Złoty consists of 100 Groszy. If you have Euro or Dollars, you can exchange these currencies […]

Weather in Poland

Best Time to Travel to Poland

Hits: 132The best times to go to the country are May, June, September, and October. These months are recommended because the climate is temperate and cultural activities are abundant. Generally, it is the end of spring and the beginning of autumn are suitable times for visiting the country. Although it is very cold in winter, […]

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What is the Official Language of Poland?

Hits: 209The official language of Poland is Polish. Polish, the official language of Poland, is spoken by 50 million people worldwide. The young population in the country generally speaks English. It is also spoken in Poznan and in German, because of its border with Germany. Due to the former Soviet pressures, the majority of the […]

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Festivals in Poland

Hits: 103There are important music festivals that appeal to all kinds of tastes like Poland’s popular music, electronics, and jazz. One of them is the Open’er Festival. The festival is held in Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport. Also includes various branches such as alternative music, theater, film, fashion, and visual arts. The festival takes place at the end […]


Tourism in Switzerland, Travel to Switzerland

Tourism in Switzerland, Travel to Switzerland. Switzerland, one of Europe’s most prosperous countries, is breathtaking with its magnificent geography, which hosts beautiful natural wonders. Switzerland, the country of Heidi, is located on the northern and southern slopes of the Alps. Glacier valleys are located in the high peaks of the Alps, which are divided into […]

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Public Holidays in Switzerland

Hits: 56January 01 New Year’s Day January 02 Berchtoldstag January 06 Epiphany March 1 Republic Day March 19 St. Joseph’s Day April 03 Näfelser Fahrt April 03 Palm Sunday May 1 Labour Day May 10 Ascension May 20 Pentecost May 21 Whit Monday May 31 Corpus Christi June 23 Fête d’Indépendance June 29    Saints Peter […]

Swiss Franc

Swiss Currency/What is the Currency of Switzerland?

What is the currency of Switzerland? The Swiss currency is the Swiss franc.It is the currency used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Swiss franc, released by the Swiss National Bank, is the single and last franc currency in Europe after the transition to the euro. The international short code is CHF, which stands for Confederatio […]

What is the Official Language of Switzerland?

Hits: 203There are four official languages in Switzerland. The first and the most common are German. German is spoken by 63 percent of the population. This is followed by French in 22 percent. In addition to French, which is usually spoken in the west of the country, Italian has an 8% share. Another official language […]

Weather in Bulgaria

Best Time to Travel to Bulgaria

Hits: 91Bulgaria is a Balkan country located on the western side of the Black Sea. Its capital is Sofia, and its population is approximately 7.5 million. With its long beaches, historical buildings, winter sports opportunities and cultural cities, Bulgaria is one of Europe’s must-see countries. Throughout its history, Bulgaria, which lived under the sovereignty of […]