Weather in Albania

Best Time to Travel to Albania

Hits: 104The country, which is not well known in terms of tourism, actually carries all the characteristics of a Mediterranean country. It is cheaper and less crowded than the more popular Mediterranean countries. Albania is a good choice if your quest is interfering with the Mediterranean’s wonderful nature with a smaller budget. The Albanian River, […]

Weather in Azerbaijan

Best Time to Travel to Azerbaijan

Hits: 109After the 2000s in Azerbaijan, tourism is well developed. There are many natural beauties to visit and hundreds of years of historical and cultural areas. Weather in Azerbaijan If you want to visit Azerbaijan, the best time will be April and October. During this period, the country is completely dry and hot, especially in […]

Weather in Brazil

Best Time to Travel to Brazil

Hits: 119Best Time to Travel to Brazil. It has a coastline that exceeds seven thousand kilometers. Brazil is also home to many important wildlife, ecological systems, large tropical forests and different habitats with the Amazon River basin. Before being discovered by the Europeans in the 1500s, it still contained many tribal nations. Economically, it is […]

Poland Transportation

Is Poland a Safe Country?

Hits: 118Traveling in Poland is safe for tourists. Poland is one of the top 20 countries in the world’s safest countries. There are no more dangers in the record for tourists in Poland. However, it is possible to face minor crimes such as pickpocketing, petty theft, bag grabbing and ATM fraud. In general, the highest […]

Colombian Peso

Colombian Currency / What is the Currency of Colombia?

What is the Currency of Colombia? The Colombian currency is the Colombian peso. The international code is COP and the unofficial representation is COL $. However, the official peso is $. Peso is the currency of Colombia since 1810. Peso was initially divided into 8 real. Colombia then moved to the decimal system and began […]

Weather in Denmark

Best Time to Travel to Denmark

Hits: 124These lands, once a settlement of the Viking plunderers, later became an important North European power. Denmark, which is always welcomed with progressive social policies and free-living standards, stands out with its natural wonders. One of the world’s most popular toys, the birthplace of lego is Denmark. Denmark hosts two important music festivals. The […]

Danish Krone

Danish Currency / What is the Currency of Denmark?

What is the Currency of Denmark? Danish currency is Danish Krone.Danish Krone is the currency used in Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. The krone etymologically derives from the Danish word “krone”, meaning “crown” representing the royal and monarchy. The international display code is DKK. 1 krone is divided into 100. The Danish krone is […]

Weather in Canada

Best Time to Travel to Canada

Hits: 133The majority of the country has a cold or severe winter climate, but in the summer the southern region is hot. Canada is sparsely populated, and the vast majority of the land is dominated by forest, tundra, and the Rocky Mountains. About a quarter of the country’s population of 36 million is urbanized and […]

Seasons in Chile

Best Time to Travel to Chile

Hits: 104Having a colorful culture, Chile offers a wide range of cultural festivals. Especially music festivals are indispensable for the country. Vina del Mar is the most popular among them. The festival takes place in a town close to the capital Santiago, and the streets of the town take on a colorful appearance during the […]

Colombia Weather

Best Time to Travel to Colombia

Hits: 100Colombia, known as the capital of Salsa, is home to the Barranquilla Carnival, the second largest carnival in the world after Rio. If you want to experience the colorful culture and entertaining atmosphere of the country, we recommend to follow the carnival and festival calendars in Colombia. Another issue that shows the importance of […]