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European Union (EU)/European Union Map

The European Union (EU) is a family of democratic European countries, working to improve the lives of its citizens and create a better world. Despite the divergence of opinion and occasional crises in the news among the Member States, in fact, far from the cameras, the EU is a remarkable success story. Moreover, the EU […]

Warsaw Pact/Members, History, Map

On May 14, 1955, the Republics of the Soviet Union formed the Warsaw Pact. In addition to this state, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, East Germany and Albania (withdrew in 1968) became members of the organization. With the help of the Russian rulers, the Warsaw Pact was established to defend Eastern European countries against a NATO […]

OPEC Countries Map Universal

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)/Map of OPEC

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or simply OPEC, is a confederation of 12 countries that export net oil and hold two-thirds of the world’s known oil reserves. Foundation of OPEC Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait joined the Congress, which began in Baghdad on September 10, 1960, with the proposal of Venezuela to stop […]

Balkan Countries Map Featured

Balkan Countries/What are the Balkan Countries?

Balkan Countries / What are the Balkan Countries? The name of the region is the Balkan word in Turkish. This is stated by the Turkish Language Association as “the territory of Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, and Thrace”. In many sources, the list of Balkan Countries differs, […]

Women Rights of Vote and Election in Europe

The struggle for the right to vote, which started in the first half of the 1600s, gradually began to take place essentially in the 19th century. Let’s take a chronological look at women’s rights to choose and elect by the countries. 1900’s Finland (1906) In 1906, Finland became the first European country to grant women’s […]

Scandinavian Countries Map

Scandinavian Countries / Which Countries are Scandinavian?

The Scandinavian region is in the north of the European continent. The countries in this region have the name of Scandinavian countries. It is neighbor with The Norwegian Sea in the west, the Arctic Ocean in the north. Furthermore, its neighbors are the Gulf of Bothnia between eastern Sweden and Finland, and the North Sea in the […]

Arab League Members

Arabic name “Jami’at ad-Duwal al-‘Arabiyya” is an international organization. Currently, 22 Arab countries are actively Arab League Members. Although the first steps of this alliance were carried out in Iraq and Saudi Arabia in 1936, basically the bases were laid in the 19th century. The basic ideology was the idea of building an “Islamic Union” […]

Declaration of State of Israel 1948

International Recognition of Israel

Israel is a small country among the Muslim countries. Among Muslim countries that do not recognize Israel, it may be more accurate to say. Israel is a country officially recognized by many countries in the world with its declaration of independence in 1948 but still not recognized by some countries. In this context, we will see on […]

International Recognition of Kosovo

International Recognition of Kosovo

Here below you will find the most up-to-date information and our maps about International Recognition of Kosovo. You can find furthermore information in each map that is related to them. Moreover, each of the maps shows specific information about the different continents. The first map shows the International Recognition of Kosovo by countries worldwide. Furthermore, […]