Countries with UBER

Countries with UBER. UBER is an international transportation company based in the United States. UBER, serving mobile applications, serves in 82 countries as of 2018. Here is the map of the countries where the UBER service is located. Countries where UBER is available Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, […]

Cape Town Water Crisis

The world is in danger of a big water shortage. Cape Town became the first city to run out of drinking water. In this post we will talk about Cape Town Water Crisis and 11 Cities May Completely Run Out Of Water Sooner. We are confronted with the risk of depletion of drinking water as […]

The Most Interesting Animal in the World, Emperor Penguin

The Most Interesting Animal in the World, Emperor Penguin. It is the largest species of penguin species. They are among the most interesting animals, both in size and in their lifestyles. General features It is 3-4 times heavier than a normal penguin. Round body structures are accompanied by tiny heads. Just like its head, its […]

Nine Animals in Danger of Extinction

We wanted to; all animals can survive in peaceful natural habitats, but unfortunately some species are in danger. In this list, we have compiled Nine Animals in Danger of Extinction. 1. Amur Leopard Although the leopards generally live in the large steppe of Africa, this Leopard species live in the easternmost of Russia. The Amur Leopard […]

Countries Most Affected by Global Warming

Global warming is now in our lives, according to climate scientists, rising polar temperatures and the rapid melting of glaciers have already begun to affect North America, Europe, and Asia, where millions of people live. Explaining that snowstorms, intense winter heat, and flood disasters are related to rising temperatures, scientists explain that important changes have […]


North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO)

NATO, in its full name, is an international military alliance of the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization”. It was founded on April 4, 1949, based on the North Atlantic Treaty signed by 12 countries. Also more than 17 countries have participated in different periods. Moreover, NATO member states have a common defense mechanism against an attack […]

Arab League Members

Arabic name “Jami’at ad-Duwal al-‘Arabiyya” is an international organization. Currently, 22 Arab countries are actively Arab League Members. Although the first steps of this alliance were carried out in Iraq and Saudi Arabia in 1936, basically the bases were laid in the 19th century. The basic ideology was the idea of building an “Islamic Union” […]

International Recognition of Kosovo

International Recognition of Kosovo

Here below you will find the most up-to-date information and our maps about International Recognition of Kosovo. You can find furthermore information in each map that is related to them. Moreover, each of the maps shows specific information about the different continents. The first map shows the International Recognition of Kosovo by countries worldwide. Furthermore, […]

USA-Israel Vote

Voting US Embassy in Israel

It is stated on wikipedia that: On December 6, 2017; United States President Donald Trump announced that the United States would officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump also stated that a new building for the U.S. embassy would be built in Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, welcomed this decision […]

European Union Map

European Union Map

The European Union (EU) is a family of democratic European countries, working to improve the lives of its citizens and create a better world. Despite the divergence of opinion and occasional crises in the news among the Member States, in fact, far from the cameras, the EU is a remarkable success story. Moreover, the EU […]

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