Swiss Cuisine/What to Eat in Switzerland?

Hits: 92Swiss cuisine is both delicious and varied. Cheese dishes in the French regions of the country Fondue and Raclette, in the German region: sausages, fried meat and rosti, in the Gruabunden region: Bündnerfleish and ham made from dried beef outdoors, in the Ticino region: you should try Italian food. Traditional Foods in Switzerland Fondue […]

Meat Consumption by Countries

Hits: 673Do you think is there a relation between meat consumption and health? Below map shows Meat Consumption by Countries per people in Europe. Is your income level well enough to consume meat regularly? As it is mentioned in the article of OECD, ‘Meat consumption is related to living standards, diet, livestock production, and consumer […]

National Foods by Countries

Hits: 764You can find National Foods by Countries on the below map. Moreover, if you are a food lover you can find more information by clicking here about the world’s top ten best cuisines. In this article, we include some of our favorites. Hope you enjoy! Did you ever taste one of these amazing foods? If so […]


French Cuisine / What to Eat in French?

Hits: 133The French food culture can be described in short by the slogan ‘Enjoy the food!’ The pleasure of food and cooking in France is considered art. The techniques discovered by French cooks many centuries ago are now regarded as a guide for cooks who adopt modern food trends. Another feature that enhances the French cuisine’s […]


German Cuisine / What to Eat in Germany?

Hits: 123German cuisine, based on the origins of Eastern Germany (formerly the German Democratic Republic), has grown with the contribution of West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) cuisine. The East German cuisine is generally influenced by Eastern European countries (such as Russian, Hungarian). Throughout the history of food and cultural exchange, the East Germans who […]


Italian Cuisine / What to Eat in Italy

Hits: 140The Italian cuisine, one of the world’s richest cuisines, shows significant changes according to regions. In the north of the country, fish, potatoes, rice, corn, pork, and cheese are the most used materials, while in Liguria, called the Italian Riviera, fish and seafood varieties, basil, walnut and olive oil are foreground. In Italy at […]


Australian Cuisine / What to Eat in Australia?

Hits: 96If you are planning a trip to Australia and are looking for an answer to what to eat here, here is some information about Australian cuisine. Barbecue Smelling Streets! Australia has a very rich cuisine because it is a country that has been emigrated almost everywhere in the world. The rich food culture ranges […]


Spanish Cuisine / What to Eat in Spain?

Hits: 110When it comes to Spanish cuisine, paella comes first. This very famous dish of the Valencia region almost stamped the Spanish cuisine. Paella; It is an extremely delicious rice dish includes chicken meat, fish, and seafood. Paella is a meal that combines the culinary cultures of the Romans and Arabs who have historically occupied […]

Lithuanian Cuisine / What to Eat in Lithuania?

Hits: 107The basis of the Lithuanian cuisine is potatoes, rye, mushrooms, local milk and dairy products. With its cool and humid climate, Lithuania has typical Baltic flavors. In this culture, which has many common directions with Hungarian, German and Georgian cuisine, potato dishes and pork dishes are quite common. When you visit Lithuania, donuts and […]

turkish food

Turkish Cuisine / What to Eat in Turkey?

Hits: 124The Turkish cuisine varies according to the region. Many localities like Black Sea Cuisine, Southeast Cuisine, Central Anatolian Cuisine have their own rich food treasure. Istanbul, A Mirror of Turkey Istanbul, where you can eat almost all the dishes of Turkish cuisine and at the same time you can find fresh fruits from world […]