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In this article, you will find out about the location of Jamaica on the world, the form of government of the country, the climate, the Jamaica cuisine, the population of Jamaica, the capital of Jamaica, sports in Jamaica also the art in the country, we will learn about many topics. You can see where Jamaica is on the world map below.

Where is Jamaica Everything About Jamacia
Where is Jamaica?

Thanks to its lush nature, different cultures and musical styles, it is an island country visited by more than one million tourists every year. Jamaica Carnival, held every year, is among the activities attracted by tourists. It’s the place where the Reggae music comes out. Also known as Bob Marley’s country. Kingston is the capital of the country. The official language is English. Apart from this language, Creole is also spoken.

In Central America and the Caribbean; it is an island country in the Great Antilles to the south of Cuba.  Jamaica Flag Map


Geography of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

The land is mostly mountainous and there are narrow plains along the coast. The highest point is Blue Mountain. The altitude is 2,256 meters.


Governance of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

The form of the government is the constitutional monarchy. It consists of 14 administrative departments.


Climate of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

The tropical climate prevails. It is under the influence of a hot, humid air. However, there is a mild climate in the interior.


Capital of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

Kingston is the capital and most important port of the country. It is also the largest trading center of all the western Indian islands. The city is on the south coast of the island.


Population of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

The total population is 2,899,374 million people.


Religion of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

It is one of the places with the highest religious diversity among the Caribbean nations. Approximately 70% of the population in the country is Christian; 10% are Rasta, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Bahai and other 21% are irreligious.

Industry and Tourism

Industry of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

The agriculture-based industry has developed throughout the country. Main sources of income are sugarcane, banana, coffee, citrus, potatoes, vegetables, poultry, goats, and milk. The industry has also developed in rum, metals, cement, paper, and tourism.

Numerous tourists visit this country due to its geographical structure, climate, diversity of tropical fruit and its beautiful nature. See also, Tourism in Jamaica, 10 Reasons to Visit Jamaica.


Art of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

Reggae, ska, mento, rocksteady, dub, dancehall, and ragga are some of the musical genres of the country.


Sport of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

Although it is a small island country, it is a country that has trained many successful athletes. For example, the most popular among these athletes is Usain Bolt.

Local sports are cricket. Apart from this, athletics across the country are very popular.


Cuisine of Jamaica 580x375 Everything About Jamacia

Tropical fruites are a big deal. Rice, which is usually cooked with peas, corn, etc., is also widely used. Fried spring fish are popular dishes.

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