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In this article, you will find out about the location of Kuwait on the world, the form of government of Kuwait, the climate of Kuwait, the Kuwait cuisine, the population of Kuwait, the capital of Kuwait, sports in Kuwait, art in Kuwait, we will learn about many topics. You can see where Kuwait is on the world map below.

Where is Kuwait Everything About Kuwait
Where is Kuwait?

Located in the north-east of the Arabian Peninsula, it is among the Arab states with coasts in the Gulf of Basra. The name of the neighboring country to Iraq in the north and Saudi Arabia in the south comes from the word ‘akwat’ meaning ‘castle near the water’.

It is located in the north and west of Iraq, the Gulf of Basra in the east, and Saudi Arabia in the south.


Geography of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

Kuwait soils are generally flat or slightly wavy. These monotonous little peaks or slightly depressions change slightly. The altitude from sea level reaches 305 meters in the south. The Jal az-Zawr terrain block forms the northwest shores of the Kuwait Gulf and is 145 meters above sea level. The remaining land on the coast is covered with large, salt marshes. In the northern, western and central regions of Kuwait there are desert basins called “playas”. They are filled with winter rains. Thus it constitutes the important water resources of the Bedouins.


Governance of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

The family of El Sabah, who has been in control of the country since the time of his arrival in Kuwait in the mid-18th century, was re-elected after the 1990-91 occupation of Iraq. A new parliament was established in the country, authorized by election. In the country, which is a constitutional emirate, the legislative power is in the hands of the 50 members of the National Assembly elected by orders and people.


Climate of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

The climate is semi-tropical. If it rains enough, the desert is green from mid-March to late April. But there is a great temperature in the arid period between April and September. Normally it is 52 degrees in the daytime. Sometimes it rises to 74 degrees.

Air is more convenient in winter. On occasional rains, even in the interior. Moreover, the annual precipitation average is between October and April is 3 to 18 millimeters. But in a thunderstorm, it can rain a lot. Frequent winds from the north are often warm and humid, and they run between June and October.


Capital of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

Kuwait, which has the same name as the capital city, is divided into 6 administrative regions called governorates. These administrative regions are also divided into provinces.


Population of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

The total population is 4,202,189 million people. 70 percent of Arabs live in the country with 9 percent South Asian and 4 percent Iranian. The majority of South Asians are employees in the service sector.


Religion of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

The majority of Kuwait’s 85 per cent Muslim population is Sunni. There are also Christian and Hindu minorities in the country.

Industry and Tourism

Industry of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

The largest source of income, which owns about 10 percent of the world crude oil reserves, is fossil fuels. It produces nearly 3 million barrels of oil a day. In the country, where 42.3 percent of the economy is based on industrial production, the service sector is the largest item in the general economy with 57.5 percent. 41 percent of imports reaching very high levels come from consumer goods, 34 percent from intermediate goods and 25 percent from final products. Furthermore, most imports are from the USA, China, Germany, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and France. Imported products include passenger automobiles, jewelry, aircraft, poultry, pharmaceuticals, brass, building materials, work machine accessories and electronic devices. The country, which has insufficient agricultural production due to the dryness of its land, is in an outsourcing situation in food products.

The country suffers a large number of tourists every year. An average of $ 500 million in tourism revenue per year.


Sport of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

Throughout the country the most popular sport is football.


Cuisine of Kuwait 580x375 Everything About Kuwait

It is a combination of Arab, Iranian, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines. One of the most popular dishes is “Machboos”. Seafood is an important part of Kuwait cuisine, especially fish.

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