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In this article, you will find out about the location of Mexico on the world, the form of government of Mexico, the climate of Mexico, the Mexican cuisine, the population of Mexico, the capital of Mexico, sports in Mexico, art in Mexico, we will learn about many topics. You can see where Mexico is on the world map below.

Where is Mexico
Where is Mexico?

The Mexican state, which was founded on the geography of Central America, is located in the north of the American continent. It is a country with a wide territorial integrity covering the half-island shaped lands. The Mexican state was surrounded by the United States of America in the north, the Belize and Guatemala in the south, and the great ocean in the Caribbean with the Gulf of Mexico from the east to the west. Mexico Flag Map.


Geography of Mexico

Mexico has a high plateau center bounded by two mountain ranges rising from the West and the East. From these mountains, Sierra Madre Occidental and Sierra Madre Oriental distances are turning into a burning mountain when approaching the center. Looking north-west, it appears that the extension with the desert of Sonara is continuing.

The south eastern and eastern parts of Mexico consist of a tropical flat area, while coastal strips continue.


Governance of Mexico

Mexico is a federal republic based on the representation system and governed by the Presidential system, consisting of 31 state and autonomous capitals of the city of Mexico City (federal district). The President is elected by the people with the elections renewed every 6 years. Members of the Council of Ministers are appointed by the President. See also, Administrative Divisions of Mexico.


Climate of Mexico

Due to geographical heights, the country with tropical climate features shows climate changes in some places. The annual heat rate of the country is 30 degrees and above in coastal areas. It decreases to 22 degrees in and around the capital and 15 degrees in some mountainous areas. In arid regions, there is no precipitation except for the summer rain. Many coastal areas have abundant rainfall. Plant and natural animal life in the northern part of Mexico are similar to that in the US territory.


Capital of Mexico

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is one of the world’s highest capitals with an altitude of 2,250 meters. Mexico City is a city full of culture and amusement. The Museum of Anthropology in the city is one of the most famous museums in the world.


Population of Mexico

Mexico is a Central American country with 130,598,570 million people. The vast majority of the people of Mexico make up the Mestizo (a mixture of Spanish and native people). 25% of the people are native. Moreover, many native communities live in the country and speak their original languages. The most crowded community is the Mayans who live in the Yucatan Peninsula.


Religion of Mexico

Christianity is dominant throughout the country. 89% of Catholics, 4.9% of Protestants. There are a small number of Baha’is and Jews.

Industry and Tourism

Industry of Mexico

The Mexican industry is one of the most advanced in the Latin American industry. Although the basic products industry shows rapid growth, it is not yet at the desired level. The country, which is an important merchandise seller, can meet domestic demand for many consumer goods. Major industries such as petrochemicals and steel are, to a certain extent, state-owned, with many branches private (at least 51% of the state). Machinery, chemistry, automotive, weaving, food and other industries are branches….

Especially in Mexico, one of the first addresses of entertainment and adventure, you can visit volcanoes, surf, visit ecological parks, watch whales, walk around archaeological sites. See also, Tourism in Mexico, 10 Reasons to Visit Mexico.


Art of Mexico

In the city centers, all artworks (sculptures, wall paintings, architectural artifacts) are carefully protected and the people are proud of the artists they have. Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orizco, and Frida Kahlo are known and liked in the country. Even in souvenir shops for tourists, it is possible to find posters of important accessories of modern Mexican painting alongside accessories, clothes and straw hat.


Sport of Mexico

The most popular sport in the country is futbol. Then comes boxing. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the northwest and southeast regions. Basketball, American football and bullfighting are also popular sports.


Cuisine of Mexico

The Mexican cuisine is very rich with the influence of many cultures. Nevertheless, the most basic food source for Mexicans is definitely corn. You can absolutely find a cap of hot tortilla on the dining tables. Furthermore, taco is available everywhere. Steak, pork and fish are the most consumed kinds of meat. Moreover, you can find snacks named Antojitos at almost every corner. In addition, quite a variety of mushrooms have an important place in the country kitchen. Be sure to try the exotic fruits they give the name of zapote and tuna.

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