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In this article, you will find out about the location of Nepal, the form of government of Nepal, the climate of Nepal, the Nepal cuisine, the population of Nepal, the capital of Nepal, sports in Nepal, art in Nepal, we will learn about many topics. You can see where Nepal is on the world map below.

Where is Nepal
Where is Nepal?

It is one of the Asian countries that should be seen with its Buddhist temples, its nature, its sculptures on its streets, its architectural structure. Everest hill and Himalayas are also increasing the importance of the country. Furthermore, the highest point of the world, Everest hill, is within the borders of the country. Also, the capital, Katmandu, which is very rich in terms of historical sites, is a UNESCO protected city. There are two official languages, Nepali and Sanskrit. The currency is the Nepalese rupee.

In South Asia, it lies between the People’s Republic of China and India. To the north of the country lies the Himalayan Mountains.


Geography of Nepal

Its territory is roughly a rectangle. The Mountainous Region, which accounts for 65% of the country, is between Mahabharat Lekh and the Himalayas. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is located alongside China in Nepal.


Governance of Nepal

It has the power of a Hindu monarchy where all the power is gathered in the king.


Climate of Nepal

Climate varies with altitudes. The climate is getting harder as you go up the highs. Furthermore, the summers are hot in Kathmandu, the winters are cold and hard. In Tarai and the central mountainous regions, the summer months are quite hot.


Capital of Nepal

Katmandu is the capital and largest city. Also, there are many UNESCO-protected Buddhist and Hindu shrines in Kathmandu.


Population of Nepal

The total population is approximately 26.5 million people. Much of the ethnic structure of the country is made up of people from the Mongols and the Indo-European group. The presence of Tibet and India, as a matter of fact, has led to immigration from these countries.


Religion of Nepal

The majority of the population is Hindu. Almost 5% of the total population is Buddhist.

Industry and Tourism

Industry of Nepal

Nepal, one-third of the population living below the poverty line, is among the least developed and poorest countries in the world. The mainstay of the economy is agriculture. 76% of the population works in agriculture. 18% are in service and 6% are in the industry. Furthermore, industrial production is for agricultural products. Furthermore, these products are milk, sugar cane and toast. Security concerns caused by conflicts with Maoists negatively affected tourism. Outside these areas, investment is not expected for reasons such as the low level of the economy, technological impossibilities, being a land country, civil conflicts and the possibility of experiencing natural disasters.


Art of Nepal

Folklore is an integral part of Nepalese society.


Sport of Nepal

The most popular sports throughout the country are cricket, volleyball and footbol.


Cuisine of Nepal

The national dish is lentil rice, Daal-bhaat. You can eat nice food at reasonable prices.  Also, buffalo meat is very common.

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