Festivals in Lithuania

In Lithuania, festivals are divided according to their fields and regions. From festivals, each with its own distinctive festivals, folk festivals are very interesting. Kaziuko Muge is the most important of these activities. This festival, held in March, displays handmade traditional products and folk arts.

Music festivals held at different times of the year are also one of the important symbols of Lithuania. Organizations such as Street Music Day, Tamsta Music Festival and Kaunas Jazz Festival attract intense interest from music lovers. The most interesting of these music events, usually held during the summer season, is Menuo Juodaragis, held on weekends in the summer months, where antique traditions and pagan culture are experienced.

Fashion Inspection, held at the end of March every year, is a fashion festival in Vilnius. You can see examples of traditional and modern Lithuanian clothing cultures in this activity. It allows young designers to show off their work in the usual fashion weeks.

Most of the festivals are in spring and summer, but you can also participate in activities organized in big cities during Christmas time.

Other Festivals and Events in Lithuania

Song Festival: The Song Festival is a unique example to the whole world that shows how dances and songs unite the nation around the globe. A total of 30,000 participants: a choir of 15,000 voices singing; 9,000 dancers.

Velines (All Souls Day-November): On that day, Lithuanians all over the country are going to the graves of their ancestors, their friends, and other people they admire.

Klaipėda Sea Festival: A parade of maritime organizations in the city is a ceremony to commemorate the first Lithuanian naval captain, Liudvikas Stulpinas, to honor those who died at sea. A ceremony to respect water sports competitions, the best marines and maritime organizations. Alongside the ceremonies, there are many entertainment and concerts.