Festivals in Poland

There are important music festivals that appeal to all kinds of tastes like Poland’s popular music, electronics, and jazz. One of them is the Open’er Festival. The festival is held in Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport. Also includes various branches such as alternative music, theater, film, fashion, and visual arts. The festival takes place at the end of June or the beginning of the year with the participation of many national and international artists.

Audioriver, Poland’s largest seaside festival, combines club music, electro and techno music classics. Moreover, the festival takes place in July every year on the banks of the famous Vistula river in Płock, north of Warsaw.

The Coke Live Music Festival

Held in the Polish Aviation Museum in Kraków, known for its historical beauty, welcomes world-famous musicians in August every year. Also, the festival, which is based on Hip-Hop, R & B and pop music style, has started to focus on Rock music in recent years.

The OFF Festival

Held in the forest of the Three Ponds Valley in Katowice, brings together the latest music orientations. Moreover, Artur Rojek, the art director of the festival, who has a loyal audience from all over the world, brings together the great talents of carefully selected alternative music scenes every year at the festival scene in late July or early August.

Off Festival

Tauron New Music Festival

It is located in an old coal mine in the Three Ponds Valley in Katowice. Furthermore, beginning with a focus on jazz, Nu-jazz, electronic and dance music and appealing to a wide range of musical styles, the festival features Rock, pop, Hip-Hop, R & B and world/folk music. The festival takes in August every year since 2006.

Warsaw Summer Jazz Days

It takes place at the Congress Hall with a capacity of 2500 people in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Furthermore, the event, which brings together creative artists with different musical backgrounds, is organized every year in July.

Other Important Events and Festivals in Poland

Bialystok Up To Date, which takes place in September every year in Białystok, the largest city in northeastern Poland
Sacrum Profanum, in September in Kraków.
The Castle Party Festival is a Gothic music event of 20 years. Takes place every year in July where the audience attends the festival with a costume.
Warsaw International Film Festival, every year in October.
Mizdzynarodowego Biennale Plakatu, which is the world’s first poster biennial and every year in June.