Festivals in Spain

In Spain, the most important festival country in the world, there are numerous festivals in every season of the year. The Spanish festivals, known as Fiesta, are world famous. Most of the festivals are made up of bull runes, fireworks, war plays, music, cinema and various religious walks, especially the guardian saints of villages, towns and cities, and fiestas for Virgin Mary. During the festivals, colorful festivals are held in the towns and villages. The festivals are also a big visual feast for tourists coming to Spain for sightseeing and holiday.

Popular Festivals in Spain in General

Easter, which is generally regarded as the second bazaar of April, is considered to be the most important artifact of Spain and is celebrated all over Spain. The Sacred Sunday organized in this context is heralding the development of Easter. One of the most popular of these ceremonies, Elx is a ceremony in Europe where sculptures are planted with leaves gathered from palm trees. Easter week ceremonies are called Semana Santa and the most magnificent ceremonies are held in Seville, Malaga, Murcia and Valladolid.

Las Fallas, the great fire festival, is celebrated in Valencia by burning cardboard sculptures at the end of the winter and spring. In Alcoi in April, re-conquest is celebrated with costumed festivals in which wars between Moorish and Christians are staged. Arranged in Andalusia Sevilla in April Feria Abril is also a popular festival of the region.

The first important festival of the summer season is the Pentecostal celebrated in May or June and it is held in El Rocio. In the famous Corpus Christi festival held in the same period, a blessed bread is circulated in a silver box. The most magnificent Corpus Christi celebrations are in Valencia, Toldo and Granada.

San Fermin Bullfighting Festival is held in Pamplona in July. In autumn, Vintage Celebration is usually held in Spain. The most popular cities for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations are Barcelona and Madrid.

The Best Spanish Festivals

Tomatina Festival

Festival Internacional de Benicassim (July): The annual festival in Benicassim, Spain, is also one of the most famous music festivals in the world.

Els Castellers (September): It is the traditional festival of Catalonia. During the Castellers, which mean human towers, there are grand festivals with human towers and Catalan dances.

Feria de Abril (April): Watching Andalusia’s popular April Fair in Seville is very enjoyable. During the April Fair which is a colorful and fun fiesta, you can see various events.

San Isidro (May): During the San Isidro festival held in the name of the patron saint of Madrid, you can enjoy the magnificent street dances and activities.

Las Fallas (March): Las Fallas, the most magnificent festival of the region, which is the great fire festival with the end of winter and the beginning of spring, is celebrated by burning sculpture statues in Valencia.

San Fermin (July): San Fermin bullfighting in Pamplona is an unbelievable opportunity for lovers of bullfighting and bull run, one of Spain’s most famous activities. During the festival, besides the bull run, there are also traditional celebrations accompanied by folkloric dances.

Danza de los Zancos (July-September): Danza de los Zancos, a dance festival, is the most popular folkloric and cultural activity of the La Rioja region.

Tomatina Festival (August): The tomato festival is a very fun festival held in Bunol, near Valencia, with red-painted streets and people who have entered into a competition and tomato-throwing competition.

Sant Joan (June): During the Sant Joan festival organized by the Balear Islands in the name of the patron saint of Minorca, tourists may enjoy the magnificent activities.