Gasoline Prices in Europe (18.12.2017)

Gasoline Prices in Europe

The map above shows the prices on December 18, 2017

Petroleum is..

Although petroleum is generally known as a specific fuel (petrol, kerosene, diesel engine, motor oil, fuel oil), petroleum oil actually means unprocessed crude oil which is in its natural state and is extracted from underground.

oil pump heatingoil pump heating

Oil is undoubtedly one of the most valuable raw materials of our world. It is a matter for which the wars have gone out, the civilians have died for nothing, and the maps have changed for the sake of it.

Our world, in hundreds of millions of years, with extreme pressure and heat, has transformed the remains of previously living and dead creatures into oil.

Nearly everything we use have oil…

We know that petrol usage purposes are very rich like as, supplying energy by burning engines and similar internal combustion engines. In fact, the situation is much different. The petroleum industry is predominantly “fuel oil” and “gasoline”. Apart from this, it is also used as raw material in many chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, pesticides and plastics. We can say that most of the products we use have oil.

Let’s deepen this topic a bit;

Humans dies for oil, climates are changing, but on the other hand minorities continue to enrich. A person uses about 30,000 items throughout his life. And almost all of these goods have fossil fuel. For example; Like cars, phone cases, bonuses, charging cords. Essentially oil is a must for our lives. In every area of our life, when every oil we use is “oil”, it is of course worth examining the natural history as well.

the History..


Babylon is one of the first places where petroleum was first used. According to Herodotus and Diadorus Siculus, asphalt was used in the towers and walls of Babylon before 4000 years ago. Near Ardenicca and Zacynthus were found bitumen samples. And even on the shores of the Issus River, there were a lot of bitumen. Apart from that, the ancient Iranian tablets used oil in the fields of health and illumination of that day’s civilization.

In 347 after Christ, it made from bamboo covered with oil wells in China. British researchers have observed that in Yenangyaung there was a developed oil-producing industry for that period and that there were hundreds of oil wells hand-dug in 1795.

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