Gasoline Prices in Europe (8.01.2018)

Gasoline Prices in Europe

Gasoline prices in Europe are on the rise. Click on the link below to review the previous map and compare prices. You can look at the table of changes in oil prices in a month.

Country NamePrice Per LiterIncreaseStableDecrease
Albania1.63$          🔺0.05$
Austria1.47$         🔺0.06$
Belarus0.64$          ➖0.00$
Belgium1.70$          🔺0.07$
Bosnia and Herzegovina1.22$          🔺0.12$
Bulgaria1.27$          🔺0.04$
Croatia1.62$          🔺0.10$
Czech Republic1.47$          🔺0.06$
Denmark1.85$          🔺0.04$
Estonia1.51$          🔺0.06$
Finland1.77$          🔺0.09$
France1.80$          🔺0.14$
Germany1.60$          🔺0.08$
Greece1.90$          🔺0.07$
Hungary1.43$          🔺0.07$
Iceland2.03$          🔺0.11$
Ireland1.69$          🔺0.03$
Italy1.90$          🔺0.07$
Latvia1.47$          🔺0.09$
Lithuania1.39$          🔺0.05$
Luxembourg1.44$          🔺0.04$
Macedonia1.32$          🔺0.05$
Malta1.60$          🔺0.05$
Moldova1.03$          🔺0.02$
Montenegro1.63$          🔺0.05$
Netherlands1.92$          🔺0.08$
Norway2.01$          🔺0.15$
Poland1.37$         🔺0.06$
Portugal1.86$          🔺0.12$
Romania1.40$          🔺0.06$
Russia0.73$          🔺0.03$
San Marino1.70$          🔻0.04$
Serbia1.47$          🔺0.05$
Slovakia1.59$          🔺0.05$
Slovenia1.59$          🔺0.06$
Spain1.52$          🔺0.06$
Sweden1.83$          🔺0.11$
Switzerland1.58$          🔺0.03$
Turkey1.49$         🔺0.02$
Ukraine1.01$          🔺0.01$
United Kingdom1.66$          🔺0.05$

You can view the previous month’s map here.

Why Gasoline Prices Are Increasing?

High gas prices are caused by high crude oil prices. Because oil costs account for 72 percent of the price of gasoline. The remaining 28 percent comes from distribution, refining, and taxation. When oil prices rise, you can expect to see this increase in the gas pump after six weeks. In January 2018, oil prices reached a 30-month high.

Gas and oil prices affect supply and demand as well as the majority of what you buy. When demand is bigger than demand, prices rise. Seasonal demand also affects oil and natural gas prices. We can usually expect prices to rise every fall. Distributors also cause high gas prices.

What can we do?

The most immediate thing we can do is to reduce our gas consumption by driving less or improving fuel efficiency. Surprisingly, the best way to improve fuel efficiency is to check the tires’ pressures frequently and keep them at the recommended values.

We should head for public transport. The use of public transport is very efficient in many ways. The monthly or annual cost is much more profitable than the gasoline price. We can reduce the pollution rate when the number of vehicles is reduced when it is directed to public transportation. This is important not only for your country but for the whole world. There is now a fact of global warming in our lives and we should not ignore it anymore.