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Georgia is located in the western part of the Caucasus in the south-east of Europe. In the north lies Russia, Azerbaijan in the east and in the south is bordered by Turkey and Armenia. The Western border is the Black Sea.

Where is Georgia?


The territory of Georgia is mountainous and divided into three regions. The North Caucasus Range, which stretches like a set in the north, comes from a series of parallel mountain strands rising eastward and separated by deep valleys. The highest points of the region are Shhara, Rustaveli, Tetnults. There are many streams from glacier-covered mountains.


The administrative form of Georgia is the presidential type republic. Moreover, the head of the Georgian state is the president. The elected president, who is elected every five years in the country, can remain in this mission for only two terms.


In the west of Georgia, subtropical climate prevails. The climate in the east is moderate. In the western part of the Black Sea coast, the summers are warm and humid. While the average temperature of June in the country is 23 degrees, the average of January is 6 degrees. Precipitation is mostly in the spring. Generally, in Georgia, summers are hot, average 24 degrees, and winters are 0 degrees.


The majority of the population has an Orthodox belief.

Industry and Tourism

Agriculture is the most important area in the country’s economy. Approximately 40% of the population works in this area. The most grown agricultural products in the country are grape, citrus, tea, and hazelnut. Furthermore, half of the country’s industry is made up of food and light industrial products. There are copper, gold, coal reserves in the country.

Georgia, which is the holiday resort of the Union during the USSR, also has high tourism potential. The Black Sea coast attracts attention with its natural and cultural riches.


There are many civilizations in Georgia architecture. Moreover, various architectural styles have been applied to calendars, towers, ramparts, and churches. Georgia, as architectural art, is at a good level.


The most popular sports throughout the country are football, basketball, rugby, wrestling, judo, and halter.

Population: 3,905,511

Population Density: 56 per Km2

Land Area: 69,490 Km ²