Interesting Facts and Statistics About Australia

1. There are more than 10.000 beaches in Australia. If you visit a beach every day it will take you about 27 years to see them all.

2. Australia is the 6th largest country in the world with the largest area.

3. Many kangaroos live in Australia.

4. There is a mountain called Disappointment Mountain in Australia. Explorers in the discovery of the mountain have given this name because they did not find it as they would expect.

Australia Name Comes from…

5. The word Australia comes from the Latin word “australis” meaning southern.

6. More than 750 reptiles live on Australian soil.

7. 80 percent of the Australian population lives at most 100 kilometers away from the coast.

8. The name of the city of Melbourne was Batmania.

9. In 1967, the Australian prime minister went to the beach for a swim and never heard from him again.

10. There is a political party called “Sex Party” in Australia.

11. Kangaroo meat with 1-2% fat is offered as a healthy alternative to red meat in supermarkets and restaurants.

12. The number of camels in Australia is ten times the number of the koala.

13. In 1859 24 rabbits were brought to Australia without any rabbits on their territory. After 10 years the rabbit population has reached 2 million.

14. In Victoria, Australia, only the licensed electrician can replace the bulb.

15. Australia exports camel to Saudi Arabia.

16. 75 percent of Australian living species are not yet known.

The World’s Largest Animal Farm

17. The world’s largest animal farm is located in Australia, the face measurement is wider than Israel.

18. Two-thirds of Australia is desert land.

19. In Australia, 1.35 trillion bottles of wine are produced annually.

20. The settlement called Docker River in Australia has been invaded by 6 thousand thirsty devils.

21. The “Highway 1” motorway in Australia is the longest motorway in the world with a length of 14,500 kilometers.

23. Australia is an island surrounded by 8,000 islands.

24. Lake Hillier, Australia, is a pandemonium, still unknown to the cause scientists.

25. Twelve of the most venomous snakes are also found in Australia.

26. Last time in 1981, an Australian spider bite lost his life.

27. Of the countries claiming to be in Antarctica, Australia is the country claiming over the widest area of 5.8 million square kilometers.

28. In Australia, there is a plant species that only touch can cause pain and severe vomiting.

Drunken Pig

29. In Australia in 2013, a pig stole 18 beers from a campsite, drank some, then got drunk and fought a cow.

30. The number of koalas in the wilderness before British settlers settled in Australia was 10 million, today the figure is 43,000.

31. In 2009, a sniper group was commissioned to protect a penguin colony from rattles.