Interesting Facts and Statistics About Colombia

1. 60% of the world’s emeralds come from Colombia.

2. Colombia constitutes 10% of Amazon rain forests.

3. In 1973, Nixon gave Colombia a rock that the Apollo 17 gathered from the moon during the landing. Furthermore, the plate was “A Gift to the People of the Republic of Colombia”.

4. The Caño Cristales River in Colombia takes 5 different colors from July to November. Moreover, these colors are yellow, green, blue, black and red.

5. Age is an important factor in Colombia. The older you are, the more important your word. Moreover, the older are deeply respected in this tropical nation.

6. It is ranked 2nd among the countries celebrating the national holiday with 18 national holidays.

7. Colombia’s capital Bogota is a paradise for street artists. The government not only tolerates graffiti, but it also promotes and supports street art.

World’s biggest theater festival

8. Colombia is hosting the world’s biggest theater festival, the Iberoamericana.

9. One in every five butterfly species is found in Colombia.

10. Pablo Escobar was so rich that he offered $ 10 billion to cover Colombia’s national debt.

11. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the best friend of a Nobel laureate and revolutionary Fidel Castro, was Colombian. Furthermore, Marquez is the author of the best-selling Spanish novel in history, “Love In The Time Of Cholera”.

12. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, which is 13,000 meters long, is the highest coastal mountain in the world.

13. Pablo Escobar was born and raised in Colombia. In his golden age, he earned $ 420 million in revenues per week. This is more than the monthly salary of all CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

14. People in Colombia are putting salty cheese pieces in their coffee.

Colombian Coffee

15. The city of Barranquilla, north of Colombia, was the second largest carnival city after Rio, but was also renowned as the land of Shakira.

16. The use of mobile phones in Colombia is quite widespread and the prices are high, so some entrepreneurs have opened a new business line. Mobile phone dealers are making mobile phone calls by minutes.

17. Colombia is second only to Brazil in terms of biodiversity. Colombia also has the highest number of birds in the world with 1,879 varieties.

18. Aat an altitude of 2,625 meters above sea level, Bogota is the 4th highest capital in the world. It is also the highest city with a population of more than 3 million.

19. Colombia is the 5th largest center in the world for cosmetic operations.

20. In the Gold Museum of Bogota, there are 55,000 gold objects belonging to the Spanish period, but you can see only 6,000.