Interesting Facts and Statistics About France

1. France is the most visited country of the world with 83 million tourists per year.

2. Mont Blanc at 4,807 meters height is the highest mountain in both France and Europe.

3. Although Napoleon is known as short height, its height is above the country average.

4. If you wish in France, you can marry a dead man.

5. In France there is a village called ‘Pussy’ and a town called ‘Condom’.

6. In France, 1 out of every 5 people have experienced depression. This rate makes the country the most depressed country in the world.

7. XIX. Louis ruled for only 20 minutes as King of France.

8. The first country where the car license plate is used is France.

9. In France between 1748 and 1772, potatoes were banned to grow, sell, and eat. That was the reason why the potato caused the leper.

10. It is illegal to give Napoleon name to a Pig in France.

11. There are automatic vending machines for condoms in 96 percent of the high schools in France.

12. The country that uses the most time zones in the world is France in 12 different time periods.

13. Between 1814 and 1830 the flag of the Kingdom of France was white.

14. A 214-year-old law (until 2012) prohibited women from wearing pants in France.

15. The number of French-speaking people in Africa is more than in France.

16. Taxis in Paris pay a license fee of about 200 thousand euros per year.

17. All champagne production takes place in the Champagne region of France. Furthermore, producers outside the region cannot use the name of champagne, they can use the name sparkling wine.

18. A Frenchman sleeps an average of 8.83 hours a day. Also, this is the longest duration among developed countries.

19. If a soldier in the French foreign legion gets injured in a conflict, he gets a French citizen right.

20. Of all the countries that celebrate independence, 26 have gained independence from France.

21. The most visited museum is the Louvre Museum in Paris with 9.3 million visitors annually.

Louvre Museum

22. With its network of 29,000 kilometers of railways, France is second in Europe after Germany.

23. There are more than 1000 types of cheese in France.

24. The tradition of jokes of April 1 started in France.

25. France controlled 8 percent of the world during the Empire period.

26. Each of the 470,000-odd trees in Paris has been measured and all are in the record.

27. There is only one STOP sign in all of Paris.

28. During World War II, the French cut off elevator cables to prevent Hitler, who visited Paris, from reaching the top of the Eiffel Tower.