Interesting Facts and Statistics About Lithuania

1. The Lithuanian Indo-European language family is the least-exchanged language.

2. The Lithuanian flag consists of the same three colors with traffic lights.

3. Lithuania’s national sport is the basketball and it is considered the third in the world.

4. It is the only country in the world with official national perfume (Lietuvos kvapas).

5. One of the highest-speed Internet connection in the world is in this country.

6. The last country to accept Christianity in Europe.

7. Lithuania was the largest country in Europe in the 14th century.

8. Lithuanians discovered making vodka from corn.

9. In the world, the most hot air balloon per person falls.

10. During the Holocaust, Lithuanian Jews (91%) were killed the most in percentage.

11. Iceland was the first country to recognize Lithuanian independence on 4 February 1991.

12. Lithuania was the first Soviet republic to declare independence from the USSR.

13. One of the most famous Lithuanian dishes is the oval shape of Cepelinai resembling zeppelin.

14. Each year Vilnia River is painted with bright emerald green for St. Patrick’s Day.

15. There is an oak survivor of Crusades in Lithuania. Stelmuze is the oldest tree in Europe.

16. Forests cover 1/3 of the country, including protected areas and national parks.

17. According to research conducted by a French scientist in 1989, Lithuania is located in the geographical center of Europe.

18. Lithuania is known as the “land of storks”, the national bird for the country.

19. The University of Vilnius was the first university in Eastern Europe.

20. Hannibal Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs was born in Lithuania.