Interesting Facts and Statistics About Pakistan

Thousands of tourists visit Pakistan every year and praise its beauty and glamour scattered all around. If you are planning to visit Pakistan, it is highly recommended to pack some extra luggage as it surely will take much time to visit premium locations of Pakistan. Well, do not worry about your excess luggage as there are many reliable freight companies which provide you the facility of safe and swift cargo to Pakistan. Here are a few interesting facts about Pakistan which will surely increase your interest to visit this land of marvels.

1. The fourth smartest people in the world are Pakistanis. As per a survey sorted out by the Institute of European Business Administration, from 125 nations, Pakistanis have been positioned the fourth most shrewd and intelligent around the globe.

2. The world’s biggest remote port with respect to size is in Pakistan. Pakistan’s dominant position in Asia makes it a focal point of exchange and the further growth in coming few years will make it more popular, as the nation is working inseparably with China on CPEC plan to build up the foundation of the Gwadar port at the Arabian Sea, Baluchistan which is the biggest common deep port of the world.

3. Pakistan has the biggest volunteer ambulance service on the planet. Edhi Foundation Pakistan gladly runs the world’s biggest volunteer emergency vehicle service, which is a record that has been held by Pakistan since 1997. Headquartered in Karachi, the foundation runs the 24-hour crisis rescue vehicle service around the nation, providing different supervisions, like a safe house for the needy, free medical services, medicines supply, shelter, and adoption organizations, and provides its service within the country and globally as well. In 2005 the establishment gave $100,000 as a help for the aid projects of Hurricane Katrina. Initiated by the late Abdul Sattar Edhi as a solitary protection room, the foundation currently possesses more than 300 centers all through Pakistan.

4. Pakistan has the third largest ship breaking yard in the world, The Gadani yard, having 132 ship breaking ports. The gigantic and old-age ships which once had been used for trading or maybe sending sea cargo facility for Pakistans are demolished here.

5. World’s second biggest range of salt mines is in Khewra, Pakistan. Khewra Mines of Pakistan create 325,000 tons of salt, every year and are mythical to be found by Alexander’s Army through shot when their horses started licking the salts while the troops rested. In this way, bringing about the disclosure of the world’s second biggest salt mine. These enormous mines have more than 40 km of passages, having a beautiful mosque of salt crystals, built inside.

6. Pakistan has the earliest human civilization of the world, The Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished around the Indus River and delta, is one of the world’s oldest social order that depicted a type of developed and organized area, through relics and fossils which have been preserved and exhibited in numerous exhibition halls around the globe. The Indus human advancement besides the obsolete Egyptian and Mesopotamian development, are the three antiquated civic establishments of the world, out of these the Indus was the almost illimitable. The development included many versatile arranged urban communities and towns with showers, urban outflow, and water supply frameworks and huge public buildings which demonstrate government frameworks. With its pinnacle population of 5 million, local people of the valley crafted new kinds of handiworks which presents them as an artist and a large number of those are conserved in the museums.

7. The tune of the National Anthem of Pakistan is the 7th beautiful tune of the world. When the track is played, the inspirational and excellent verses make this national anthem the most motivational and ranked seventh on the planet. Hafeez Jalandheri’s words were converted into music by the artist, Ahmad G Chagla. Pakistan likewise holds the record of the only country in which a large number of people have sung the national anthem at the same time.

8. 6th largest army of the world and the only Muslim nuclear power country is Pakistan. The Pakistani military is positioned number one in the Muslim nations and the sixth on the planet, with 653,800 brave soldiers. Pakistan provides the largest number of troops to serve the UN peacekeeping missions. Along with this, Pakistan occupies a remarkable position amongst the best-prepared flying corps pilots on the planet.

9. Pakistani Air Force pilots are declared to be the world’s most well-trained and professional fighter pilots. Pakistan aviation based armed forces is authorized and stated as one of the best flying force of the world. The credit goes to the incomparable Air Force Academy in Risalpur that delivers the best Force of the world. They show their aptitudes in the challenging flights on global stages where they get praised for their brilliant actions. Amid the war of 1965, Squadron Leader Muhammad Mahmood Alam holds the world record of bringing down five Indian planes just in sixty seconds.

10. Pakistan has the world’s best missile technology. Pakistan missile innovation makes the country stand out in the world. As soon as it turned into an atomic power, a large number of missiles have been built so far. Pakistan started to invest more seriously in its missile program in the 1990s and is said to have worked together with China.

11. Pakistan is one of the best places for vacationers. The nation is enriched with nature’s excellence having lofty mountains, delightful valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and lavish green glades. The spots like Swat, Ziarat, Kaghan, and Skardu are evaluated among the best touring spots in the world.

12. Pakistan produces mangoes in gigantic amount and they are exported worldwide to the extent Europe, America, and Canada and considered to be the most delicious. The natural product is loved for its delightful taste and quality.

13. Above all, Pakistan is among very few nations from where sports goods are exported in huge quantity, particularly, the footballs used in FIFA World Cup are purely manufactured in Pakistan. Today Pakistan is one of the greatest exporters of game products and surgical instruments across the world.

14. There is no uncertainty Pakistan is home to one of the most astounding pinnacles and ice burgs on the planet. Starting at now 5 out of 14 world’s most noteworthy pinnacles are in Pakistan and K2 is additionally one of them which is the reason Pakistan is on the hit list for hiker around the globe.

15. Karakoram Highway goes through the northern zones interfacing Pakistan with China’s Xingjian territory, is frequently portrayed as “Eighth Wonder of the World” because of the wonder of structural building and it took 15 years to finish by the Pakistan Army Engineers in a joint effort with China. It’s been named as” World’s most noteworthy cleared global Road” on the hardest landscape of the world.

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