International Recognition of Israel

Israel is a small country among the Muslim countries. Among Muslim countries that do not recognize Israel, it may be more accurate to say. Israel is a country officially recognized by many countries in the world with its declaration of independence in 1948 but still not recognized by some countries. In this context, we will see on the maps the reasons of the countries that recognize and do not recognize Israel.


Palestine comes to the mind of most people when Israel is the subject. According to some Israel is an invading state, according to some, it is a state that defends its rights. Israel is the only Jewish country in the world.

Establishment of Israel

In the second half of the nineteenth century, the Jews began their efforts to set up a state. Secret Jewish immigration has begun to be organized in Palestine. After World War II ended with the victory of its Allies (UK), the Palestinian issue reached its final stage. Later, after Britain helped the United States, it asked the Palestinian issue to take it to the United Nations and resolve it. In November 1947, the UN decided to share Palestine between two states, one Jewish other Arab. The Jews rejected the Arabs as they accepted this decision. The city of Jerusalem was recognized by the UN as an international regional status. This solution did not satisfy Arabs. The Israeli-Palestinian War has begun.

Declaration of State of Israel 1948Declaration of State of Israel 1948

On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel in accordance with the UN sharing plan.

After the Declaration

Twenty-four hours later from the declaration, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraqi armies attacked and entered the territory of Israel. In the first months of 1949, direct negotiations between Israel and each of the Arab countries fighting with him (except Iraq, which refuses to sit on the negotiating table with Israel ever since) have been held in the UN, and a ceasefire agreement has been signed. According to the agreement, the eastern part of the coastal strip, including Galileo and all Najaf Israel, Yehuda and Samaria (West Bank) Jordan, Gaza Egyptian government and Jerusalem including the Old City, is located in Jordan. Israel’s tension with the Palestinians continues.

The Countries that do not Recognize Israel

Recognition of Israel World MapRecognition of Israel World Map

We can say as seen from the map; almost all countries that do not recognize Israel are Muslim countries. Furthermore In the map, Cuban is seen in the middle of America, and all countries except Cuba are Africa and Asia.

Let’s look a little closer.


Map of Israel Recognition by AfricaMap of Israel’s Recognition by Africa

  • Morocco; Sees Israel as an invader state. The Moroccan court closed down the Democratic Party of Amazigh, which advocates the recognition of Israel.
  • Algeria; does not recognize Israel and does not accept Israeli passports.
  • Libya; sees Israel as an invader.
  • Other countries that do not recognize Israel in Africa are Tunisia, Mali, Guinea, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia, Comoros.

Arabic Peninsula

Recognition of Israel by Arabic PeninsulaRecognition of Israel by Arabic Peninsula

Arabic Peninsula where the Arab countries are located. doesn’t recognize Israel,  Saudi Arabia does not recognize Israel’s right to exist but is still ready to give up to keep Iran’s expansion under control.
Iranian; The regime spokesman said that Tehran would never “leave the Palestinian cause”.

Some of the Iraqi people do not want to recognize Israel because of the Palestinian problem, and some want close relations with Israel because of Israel’s support for the establishment of Kurdistan.

Syria; Syria had never recognized the State of Israel and did not accept Israeli passports to enter Syria. Israel has also seen Syria as an enemy state and has forbidden its citizens to be there. Since the establishment of both countries, diplomatic relations have not been established between the two countries.

Pakistan; Pakistan and Israel had no problem with each other; but when Israel expanded, Pakistan had to stand with Arab Muslim states, not Israel.

Afghan-Israeli relations are not officially present today, as there is no change in diplomatic relations between the two countries. In the 1980s, Israel became the first country to condemn the Soviet Afghan invasion.

Qatar; It has commercial ties with Israel.

United Arab Emirates; Israel – United Arab Emirates relations are not available at this time. The United Arab Emirates does not define Israel as a state, and both countries do not have diplomatic or economic ties.

Yemen; Israel-Yemeni relations do not have diplomatic relations and relations between the two countries are very tense. People with an Israeli passport or any passport and an Israeli stamp cannot enter Yemen and Yemen are defined as an “enemy state” according to Israeli law.

Furthermore about the peninsula…

Oman; Israel and Oman do not have official diplomatic ties, but they remain minimal as tourists from Israel are allowed to visit Oman.

Kuwait; Israel and Kuwaiti countries do not have diplomatic relations. Kuwait is not letting anybody with an Israeli passport enter the country while Israel does not have formal entry or trade restrictions. During the wars between the Arab nations and the State of Israel, Kuwaiti forces joined the State of Israel.

Lebanon; Israeli-Lebanese relations never existed under normal economic or diplomatic conditions, however, Lebanon is the first Arab League country to first announce the desire of a ceasefire agreement with Israel in 1949. In the wars between Israel and the Arab League, the border between Lebanon and Israel was the quietest border.


Recognition of Israel by AsiaRecognition of Israel by Asia

When we move towards Asia, we see Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh as Muslim countries that do not know Israel, and we see North Korea, which is led by Bhutan, who believes in Buddha, and Kim Jong, the sweet trouble of Donald Trump.

Malaysia; there are no official diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Indonesia; it is not a country against Israel in fact, but it is more important to avoid distress from radical Islamist elements in Indonesia.

Bangladesh; Bangladesh and Israel do not maintain any diplomatic relations; but Bangladesh has a semi-commercial relationship with Israel through the embassies of the US and the European Union. Bangladesh said it would not recognize Israel continuously an independent Palestinian state. However, lately, negotiations have been held between the politicians of both countries to establish relations with each other.

North Korea; Israel-North Korea relations are very unfriendly. North Korea does not recognize Israel as an “imperialist satellite”. North Korea recognizes the sovereignty of Palestinians in all of Israel. Israel sees North Korea and its nuclear missile program as a major threat to global security.

We wanted to share with you again the two photos that were being talked about on Social Platforms.

Israel’s Photo

Fevzi El JunidiFevzi El Junidi

The 14-year-old boy, who was taken into custody by close to 25 Israeli soldiers.

Palestine’s Photo

Palestinians display a donkey painted as an Israeli flag during a demonstration to support the Palestinian bid at the United Nations for statehood recognition on September 23, 2011 in the West Bank village of Kfar Kadum. Palestinians across the West Bank prepared to celebrate the formal submission of their bid to become a UN member state, despite opposition from Washington and Israel. JAAFAR ASHTIYEHPalestinians display a donkey painted as an Israeli flag during a demonstration to support the Palestinian bid at the United Nations for statehood recognition on September 23, 2011, in the West Bank village of Kfar Kadum. Palestinians across the West Bank prepared to celebrate the formal submission of their bid to become a UN member state, despite opposition from Washington and Israel.

Who do you think is guilty, innocent donkey, a 14-year-old boy? Is it Palestinian or Israeli?
We are peaceful, we are peaceful all over the world. We want people to live in happiness and peace.
Do not let the people die because the rich will want to be richer.
We don’t want people to lose their lives because of terror, not lose their relatives.
Do not let the administrations threaten each other with war.

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