Internet Users by European Countries in 2017

Internet Users by European Countries in 2017

Each year internet has a growing user volume. Day by day more people can reach to internet on desktop or via their mobile devices. Do you think it is because internet gives us what we want?  According to We are Social’s Digital in 2017 Global Overview report internet usage has an increase in 2017 too.

Here is the stats with most interesting points:

Top Ten Internet Using Countries in Europe

United Kingdom is the country which has most internet users by population. However when we look at the penetration Norway has the greatest penetration in internet usage. Having 5,311,892 internet users in its 5,330,800 Norway has 99,6% penetration.

When we look at the big picture in Europe,

In total 839 million population, there are 637 million internet users which indicates 76% penetration.

There were 412 million active Social Media Users with a 49% penetration in 2017, in Europe.

Furthermore information about social media users is there were 342,839,000 Facebook users in total 839 million population.

In addition 340 million people accessed their social media accounts on their mobile devices.

When we look at the annual growth in Europe what we see is the increase in internet users, active social media users and active mobile social users.

There is totally 3% (21 million people) growth in internet users in Europe, in 2017.

Global Browser Market Share in 2017

europe desktop

According to Stat Counter’s report Chrome is in the first order with having a 54.66% percentage market share. Firefox is the second with a 19.46% percentage between other browsers. It it is still smaller than the Chrome’s range in the market. Chrome had more than the half of the market share in 2017. Yandex has the smallest range with a 0.93% share in the browser market.

Chrome is the champion in either mobile;

Competing with Safari Chrome has won the race with a 55.43% range in mobil as well. IE Mobile, Opera and UC Browser are the browsers having the least share in the mobile browser market with ranges, 1,29%, 1,11%, 1,07% respectively.

What is your idea on this? Are you a mobile or desktop user? Which browser is your fav one?