Is France a Safe Country?

Traveling in France is generally safe. France ranks 58th in security order among 162 countries. Crimes such as theft in the country are frequent, while violent crimes are rare. The most frequent crime that tourists encounter is pickpocketing, bag theft, and fraud.
France is the most targeted European country in recent years by terrorist organizations. Especially in big cities, the number of police powers has been increased in terms of security.

The most dangerous city in France is Paris. Pay attention to theft crimes, especially at train stations, airports, restaurants, cafes, beaches and public transport. In cities like Paris, Marseille, and Nice, car robbery in the red light is again a common crime. It is best to lock your car doors and close windows in these cities. Always protect your personal property, especially your identity and passport. Small crimes such as bagging and pickpocketing are a serious problem in tourist areas and public transport.

General Security Information

1. In France, the risk of pickpocketing is high. You should be careful especially in crowded areas.

2. Especially in big cities like Paris or Marseille and there are many cheaters trying to benefit from tourists around certain icon buildings.

3. In public transport like Metro, the risk of pickpocketing is high. Taxis are the safest means of transport in France.

4. France is the most targeted country in Europe by terrorist organizations. Neighboring countries of France are also targeted by terrorist organizations. There are benefits to avoid from crowded areas.

5. France is a very safe country for women tourists.