Is Germany a Safe Country?

Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rates are very low compared to other European countries and legislation is strictly enforced. It ranked 14th in the world’s safest countries list. The pickpockets are the biggest security problem for tourists in Germany, as they are in many European countries. Begging is common in some major cities, but not much more than in other European big cities, and very few tourists are experiencing problems with beggars. In recent years, police presence has been greatly increased to prevent further terrorist attacks in neighboring countries (in France and Belgium) and to prevent further attacks in major cities.
Be especially careful of bags and phone burglars in transportation centers such as railway stations, airports, restaurants, open-air cafes, beaches and public transportation. Always protect your personal property, especially your identity and passport. Small crime such as bagging and pickpocketing is a serious problem in places like tourist areas and public transport. When you take your small precautions, it is unlikely that you will encounter any security problems in Germany.

General Security Information

1. In Germany, the risk of pickpocketing is medium. You are advised not to carry much money and valuables with you.

2. There may be people trying to deceive you in Germany, as in any tourist location. But this is a rare occurrence.

3. Transport and taxis in Germany are usually very safe.

4. Germany was recently targeted by terrorist attacks that resulted in few losses. Security measures are very high for terrorist attacks in Germany.

5. Germany is very safe for woman travelers.