Is Italy a Safe Country?

Italy is generally a very safe country. However, like every touristy area, there are also pickpocketing and snatching events especially at crowded tourist attractions. When visiting the tourist areas, be careful not to have your valuables with you and carry your bag carefully. Watch your phone and your camera. Italy Ranked 34th in the ranking of the world’s safest countries.
Pickpocketing is the biggest problem in Italy for tourists. In fact, Italy is one of the countries with the greatest number of pickpockets in Europe. It is also a fact that pickpockets often work in teams, sometimes even with street vendors. In Italy be careful about bags and phone burglars especially at train stations, airports, restaurants, open-air cafes, beaches and transportation centers such as public transport. Always protect your personal property, especially your identity and passport. In Italy, especially in big cities, frequent beggars can be found, but they are mostly harmless. Security is paramount in the country and you can see the police in almost all crowded places.

General Security Information

1. In Italy, the risk of pickpocketing is high. You are advised not to carry much money and valuables with you.

2. Especially in big cities and in Italy’s main landmarks there are many cheaters trying to benefit tourists.

3. Transportation and taxis in Italy are usually very safe. But in crowded public transport, it is necessary to be aware of pickpocketing.

4. Italy has not been targeted by terrorist attacks in the recent years.

5. Italy is generally very safe for female travelers. Also, you should know that it is very normal for someone in Italy to compliment you.