Is Lithuania a Safe Country?

Lithuania is a safe country. Crime rates are at the same level as the United States of America. There is no ghetto and unsafe cities in Lithuania. It can be said that the regions where many bars like Vilnius Old Town are less safe due to drunk people.

There has never been a terrorist attack in Lithuania. Traffic accident rates were higher than in other European countries, but this rate has been equalized with other European countries by some companies. Lithuania is a country that is not affected by natural disasters. Therefore, there are not any earthquake, volcano, tsunami, hurricane or flood hazard.
The biggest danger for tourists in Lithuania is fraud. Taxi drivers are at the beginning of these cases. Taxi drivers can attract high prices to tourists and it is usually not possible to negotiate with drivers in this regard. For this reason, taxis are never recommended in Lithuania. Another element in Lithuania is the beggars approaching tourists. It is not advisable to give money to beggars in Lithuania because they see it as a business gate, not a necessity.

General Security Information

1. There is no risk of grabbing in Lithuania.

2. There is no risk of fraud in Lithuania, regardless of taxis and beggars.

3. You should pay extra attention to your accommodation in crowded places and on public transport. A small number of tourists have reported incidents involving a small group of people in need of money or help in public transport and the Vilnius railway station area.

4. There has never been a terrorist attack in Lithuania.

5. Lithuania is safe for women tourists.