Is Spain a Safe Country?

Traveling in Spain is generally safe. Spain ranks 17th in the world in terms of the safest and most dangerous countries. Apart from small-scale theft, there is no serious problem in Spain. Most pickpocketing is about passport, cash or credit card fraud. There are many fraud cases in Madrid and Barcelona. Especially in touristic places, there are small fraud groups targeting tourists.

Barcelona is filled with the trappings of creativity that your mind can not get. The majority of thieves are immigrants from certain countries, and there are also very professional domestic thieves. For Barcelona, who has surpassed Rome and Napoli even in the case of theft, the police can not take precautions because there are no laws to take measures. Once the police catch the thief, the pickpocket, the snatchers, then they have to release it after half an hour, based on certain laws, so here is a complete paradise for thieves.

But as long as you are awake and cautious and follow these precautions, you can have a comfortable holiday and return. Meanwhile, the purpose of the thieves is not to kill you, but to steal your wallets, your money, your baggage or your precious possessions. Nobody knows what you will encounter in the deserted streets of the old city, especially at night. In your hotel lobby, and even at the airport, do not leave your baggage in front of your eyes.

Safety Precautions List

Spain Safety2

1. Do not carry valuable jewelry, goods, or surplus money with you.

2. Do not carry your passport with you, get a photocopy instead.

3. Do not hang your bag behind the chairs in cafes, restaurants and bars. Do not put it under your feet, do not leave valuables on the table even if they are in front of your eyes.

4. Do not carry your camera, video camera on your shoulder.

5. Pay close attention to your bags and pockets on the crowded metro, especially in crowded city buses on tourist lines, especially watch out for pushers.

6. Never leave your luggage in baggage transfers (especially at hotel lobbies, airport, train and bus stations).

7. When you open your city map on the street, do not leave your items unprotected because you give the thieves an image of hunting.

General Security Information

Spain Safety

1. The risk of theft is great for tourists in Spain. The simple measures above will reduce your chances of being a victim.

2. Especially in big cities (Barcelona, Madrid), there are many cheaters trying to benefit tourists. Be open to the fraudsters’ tricks, the fake papers presented to you, the groups acting strangely or trying to disturb you.

3. In Spain, transport and taxis are usually very safe.

4. Spain is a country targeted by ISIS. It is useful to watch overcrowded places. ISIS, which attacked Barcelona in 2017, killed 13 people.

5. Spain is an extremely safe country for women tourists.