Is Switzerland a Safe Country?

Switzerland is a safe country for tourists. Switzerland is one of the safest 10 countries in the world. In the country, crime is a very rare occurrence. In recent years, especially in large cities like Geneva, small crimes such as pickpocketing have gone up. Another security problem in Switzerland is vehicle theft. If Switzerland is a very safe country in general, it is necessary to be careful in such cases especially in Geneva.
If you pay attention to pickpockets in city centers, transport hubs, public transport, and overcrowded tourist areas, you will not have any security problems unless you leave your luggage unattended. Carefully protect your precious items. It is recommended that you do not spend too much time on the streets outside the city center.

Switzerland is an extremely safe and livable country when you pay attention to all these. You can walk easily on the streets at night, shop with peace of mind and communicate with people easily.

General Security Information

1. The risk of pickpocketing in Switzerland is very low. If you carry your stuff carefully, you will not have any problems.

2. There is no risk of fraud in Switzerland.

3. There is no security risk in public transport and taxis in Switzerland.

4. There is no terrorism in Switzerland and there is no risk of terrorism.

5. Switzerland is a very safe country for women tourists.