Kaju is a Fruit, Moreover it is an Apple!

Let’s admit we like a lot of appetizers. Nuts, almonds, peanuts, corn and more … We know how many of these appetizers are obtained from which plants, but there are not many ideas about kaju. The reason for this is simple; It is a fruit grown in very few places in the world. Did you ever wonder and say, ‘What is this kaju?’ Kaju is a Fruit, Moreover it is an Apple! Here below you will find interesting fact about Kaju Fruit.

Weird Fruit Kaju

Kaju Fruit

The name of the plant you see in the photo, looks like a little tomato, a little apple, is ‘kaju fruit’. And yes, kaju is made of this weird-looking fruit.

I am sure you are surprised to see that this tasty snack you have consumed until today has such a bizarre appearance. But be prepared, this strange fruit will surprise you even more.

Kaju fruit is a fruit quite close to apple fruit. The seed of this apple is not different from other apple varieties. It’s exactly the fruit seed that we consumed as a snack.

Kaju FruitsKaju Fruits

The answer to the question of where this fruit grows in very few places on earth is hidden in countries near Ecuador. Cajun apples, which can often be confronted in Brazil and India, also grow in Vietnam and Ivory Coast.

India is the world’s largest exporter of this fruit grown in rare geographies and climates.


We should note that although we consume onle the seeds of kaju, the fruit is also very valuable. One most common consuming type is as fruit juice. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach in most of the countries except South America. There is a point to note, the kaju is one of the most juicy apples. It is not only limited to fruit juice production. A kind of alcohol can also be produced by fermentation from the kaju apple.

For India and Brazil, the kaju fruit is also used in many meals and desserts.

Why is it so Expensive?

The answer is simple. A dwarf tree can be obtained from one of the kaju apple trees, a few pounds of cashew nuts. So it is a very valuable snack. At the same time, the fruits are collected from the tree one by one and the seeds are picked up one by one.

It is strictly forbidden for workers who work in firms that produce kaju as snack to eat from these peanuts.

The World’s Largest Tree

Kaju TreeKaju Tree

You may think that the photo you see above is a view from above of a field full of kaju trees. But you are wrong. This is a single kaju tree in itself.

Founded in 1888 by a fisherman named Luís Inácio de Oliveira and located in the city of Parañirim in Brazil, this tree is 129 years old. A tree with a genetic defect consists of a single root and covers a huge area as seen. Nowadays the tree, which covers an area of 8,500 square meters, is regularly trimmed.

This huge tree is under the protection of the government. The tree, which is among the frequented places of tourists, hosts thousands of people annually.