Lithuanian Cuisine / What to Eat in Lithuania?

The basis of the Lithuanian cuisine is potatoes, rye, mushrooms, local milk and dairy products. With its cool and humid climate, Lithuania has typical Baltic flavors. In this culture, which has many common directions with Hungarian, German and Georgian cuisine, potato dishes and pork dishes are quite common. When you visit Lithuania, donuts and pancakes are among the tastes you should definitely try.

Fish Heaven

Seafood is a must in Lithuania because it is a Baltic country. The pike, sea bass, sea bream and snake fish obtained from the sea are the most preferred fishes. In this Baltic country where seafood is popular a lot, appetizers are an integral part of the cuisine.

When talking about the cuisine of Lithuania, it is necessary to open a separate bracket for the stalls. One of the most popular souvenirs, which is a key to good health, is juka, cucumber soup, and squash soup.

Sweets, which are indispensable for every cuisine, are an integral part for the Lithuanians. In the Lithuanian cuisine, which has more doughy pastries, the main sweeties that can be enjoyed are ‘slizikai’ made with poppy seeds and ‘ledai’ named frost which you will encounter almost everywhere in the summer season.