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Malta is one of the world’s smallest and most populous countries. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, between Sicily and North Africa, the country consists of three large, two small islands. Malta, which is a European country where the first settlement stretches as far as the Neolithic Age, has many cultural and natural riches.

Malta Island is located south of Sicily, consisting of 3 islands located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea between Southern Europe and North Africa.

Where is Malta?


In general, the geography consists of small rolling hills. There are no mountains or streams in Malta, and the characteristic features of the island are terraced areas and a series of low peaks. There are many coves and harbors with beautiful beaches on the shores of 137 kilometers long.


It is governed by the Parliamentary Republic.


There are hot summers and soft winters. Cold winds, snow, frost, and fog are definitely not possible. After April, rainfall is rarely seen.


The dominant religion is Christianity. Also, nearly most of the population is Catholic.

Industry and Tourism

Natural stone resources are an important part of the economy. Tourism is another important factor for the country’s economy. Malta is not a poor country. The people of Malta have a prosperous life because they are included in the Schengen countries. Moreover, nearly 1.6 million tourists visit Malta annually.


The most important feature of the country that encourages and attracts people is that it is a treasure of history. Here you can find archaeological remains, cultural monuments, and architecture that reflect the entire history of mankind that you can find in a very few places in the world. Malta Island is a gigantic open-air museum. Furthermore, the capital city of Valetta is the only example of its own kind and artistic architecture. Everyone who comes to Malta Island meets a secret history and culture in every corner.

Population: 432,741

Population Density: 1354 per Km2

Land Area: 320 Km ²